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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

01-03-2015 to 07-03-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions –
Career and Business
On the career front, for most of you, this shall largely remain an average week. Although, you will be able to perform well in your business or job, you may not be feeling very satisfied. On the whole, though, Ganesha doesn’t see any major issues blocking your path now. The inter-personal dynamics at work too may remain harmonious, given you manage your temperament. In case, your work involves a fair amount of travel, the week shall bring happy tidings. You will also manage to maintain a good rapport with your business or work associates. However, the time is not viable for getting into new tie-ups, especially on the business front, as the transiting Mars shall be in moving in a retrograde motion through Libra. In case, you have something important lined up, do consult your personal stars, by getting a personalised, Horoscope-based unique to your situation advice – Business Ask a Question (Detailed Advice). In general, partnership issues shall need to be handled and monitored carefully, adds Ganesha. Stay clear in matters of finances, and avoid taking loans. Plus, stay within the boundaries of reality, while taking any major business or work decision.

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