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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

26-07-2015 to 01-08-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions
Career and Business
Ones in a job may need to work under tremendous mental pressure, this week. The joy of doing your work will almost be gone, as the pressure of it all shall kill the charm. During this week, many of you will have to prove your mettle at work, all over again. Targets and deadlines shall cause additional anxiety. Businesspersons too are likely to face some insurmountable obstacles. Some important deals may get stuck, despite their efforts. Besides, you may have some tricky problems, related to the management of your business, and also regarding additional investments in your operations. Ganesha feels you should play it safe, and surely not make commitments, which you may not be able to honour. If you are facing a tricky issue in your business which you are unable to resolve, seek the help of our expert astrologers through our personalised service Business Ask A Question.

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