Moon in Taurus

Moon Sign Taurus - The Moon in Taurus

Moon Sign Traits
Individuals with the moon in Taurus strive for security and permanence in their lives. They tend to be comfortable in familiar surroundings instead of the unknown. These individuals want permanence in their life, both in the material aspect and in the emotional aspect as well. Hence, they will act fiercely and in a definite manner in order to preserve this sense of security and familiarity and will deal with an iron hand with situations that threaten these important aspects of their life. Such people tend to be most often or not, strong willed and are set in their ways. In other words, they may be conservative in nature and their actions follow a conventional approach that will make the person somewhat rigid. Such individuals want to create a known, comfortable and secure world for themselves and their near and dear ones which makes them feel happy. Due to the steadiness of their nature, individuals with the moon in Taurus make others feel comforted and secure and have a calming influence over people. Such individuals always have a love of the good things in life and tend to surround themselves with aesthetically pleasing and comfortable objects. 

Positive Qualities
Individuals with the moon in Taurus are sociable in nature and they love to be in the company of others. Emotionally stable and balanced, a Taurus native takes up one task at a time, and after completing a particular task, proceeds for the next task. Thus, they remain extremely careful in how they approach everything in their lives. In addition to this, their actions are based on careful judgement of the situation and would never act impulsively and on the spur of the moment. Thus, all their actions will be based on a through analysis. But once they take up some task, they always leave no stone unturned to complete that particular task favourably. Another implication for individuals with Moon in Taurus is that they usually are dependable in nature and persevere relentlessly in order to get things done. Another strong quality about such individuals is that one can trust their instincts. They are extremely methodical and systematic in their approach and can find the safest course of action to take in every situation. Individuals with the moon in Taurus tend to be very romantic and loyal towards their partner. 

Negative Qualities
Individuals with the moon in Taurus tend to become predictable and thus are slaves to routine. Another negative quality in such individuals is that they are extremely possessive. These individuals are fiercely vindictive in nature. They seldom forgive and will remember the misdeeds done to them for considerable length of time and are determined to payback when an opportunity comes up. Such individuals remain static in nature, somewhat rigid, and when the familiarity and comfort of their known surroundings are disturbed, they become cranky and may not adjust to the situation. They are thus stubborn in nature and lack spontaneity in their behaviour. They are overly concerned about material comforts and tend to give undue importance to their social status. They are so contained in themselves that it tends to make them proud and unapproachable. Individuals with moon in Taurus are very demanding in nature and compromise is not a concept they are familiar with.

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