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The Bulls are robust and have great physical stamina from birth, so they are unlikely to suffer any health problems during childhood. But as they grow older they tend to overindulge in food and drink and may put on weight. They also have a sensitive throat, which may sometimes lead to congestion. They need a mild diet once in a while and exercise regularly. However, if the idea of regular exercise is not too appealing, they would do well to try their hand at gardening or some other outdoor activity.

Possible health concerns: 
The Taurus may have the tendency to develop cold, coughs and sore throats. Their ENT systems as well as their digestive systems are quite vulnerable. Other ailments that may afflict them include obesity, tonsillitis and goitre. Since, the Bulls love their food, and a lot of movement is really not a desirable activity for them, they may become tardy and overweight. Besides, muscle tension may also lead to inflamed and sore neck muscles in them. 

Food for Taurus:
The Bulls need to eat foods that are beneficial for the thyroid gland. Their food needs a pinch of iodized salt. Pumpkins, cauliflower, cucumber, peas, almonds are good for them. They should lay off starchy, sugary and fatty foods that may increase their weight. For snacks, they may go for celery. They can have meat for gaining strength. Don’t give up the chocolate and goodies otherwise you’ll feel deprived. Just be sensible and cut back on the amounts.

Taurus Physical Structure:
The Bulls have a pleasing face, plump features with full sensual lips. The face is usually oval with a prominent middle part. The nose is rounded and upturned. Their complexion is fair and they have thick, shiny hair. The body is well-proportioned. They take their appearance seriously and wear stylish clothes with good taste. They carry themselves with grace. The whole physique gives an impression of elegance with some degree of strength at the same time. 

Taurus Beauty:
The Bulls usually have a soft skin, and blue colour would really suit them. Floral scarves look good on them, as do bright lipstick and nail-polish. They are sensuous people and look great in outfits of pastel colours such as light violet, pink or yellow. They should be conscious about walking gracefully. They are very choosy and take time to decide what they are going to wear, even if it is for an evening walk. They love to look good and will give a lot of thought to their clothes. Mostly, it is expensive stuff. Vedic Astrology has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to analysing one’s personality and prospects in life. 


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