Taurus Career

Taurus Career

Being a truly Earth Sign, the Taurus is considered a workaholic sign. Usually, you may not find them steaming ahead at break-neck speed, but they are very loyal, dependable hard workers who are also very cooperative and you would love to have them in your team. They are very pragmatic and down to earth, and are unlikely to take off on flights of fancy. Thus, they can be real assets to any company they serve, or even if they create one of their own. 

Though Bulls have a sharp business acumen, there also resides a latent artist deep within them. They can sometimes be a bit obstinate, which can lead people to under-value all the hard work that they put in. Besides, they have a real short temper, and when they blow their fuse, you’d better run for cover! You will need to handle them with a lot of tact, and if you can motivate them to stay focussed on their targets – the best way to do that is by offering them material incentives or some days off – it will become that much easier for you to achieve your larger goals. If you are a Taurus, or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) hard labour get wasted. 

When you have an urgent deadline to beat, you can count on Taurus to help you along. Since they can be slow off the mark, you may initially have to really goad them into action. However, once they get into the driver’s seat, their focus will be fully on the road – and on the goal – and they will go about it calmly without letting anything on the sidelines distract them. They can be literally bull-headed, so you better spell out the ground rules first, and then rest assured – the Taurus will do your bidding in letter and spirit. 

If the Taurus holds the lead position in a company, his/her office is likely to be informal, comfortable, and yet have a professional air about it. It’s the kind of office where clients, interviewees and co-workers will feel pleasant and relaxed. Though they are not overly ambitious, their dedication and hard work can carry them quite high up in the hierarchy over the years, where their administrative skills too can be optimally utilised. The professions best suited for the Taurus are banking, the performing arts, accounts, or any other career which calls for single-minded dedication, regardless of the monotony of the work, and loads of patience.

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