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Scorpio Facts

Scorpio Facts

Interesting Facts of Scorpio

Scorpio Facts:

Clever, rebellious, stubborn, witty, sarcasm, independence, spontaneous, visionary, intellect, adventurous.

Scorpio Problem:

You find it hard to trust people and fall in love. Until you find the truth, you keep asking questions over and over to catch the slipping in the story shared by others.

Scorpio Motto:

The only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones who never made me question theirs.

Scorpio’s Pet Peeve:

When someone lies to you, or you’re being made to feel jealous by a lover, being outshone at any task, being the victim of gossip, not being able to get your way, and superficial people.

Things Scorpions Can Offer:

Stimulating and riveting activities, emotional connection and dependability, promise only when you intend to keep, deep and profound conversation, loyalty, and insightful advice and tips.

Things Scorpions Hate:

Dependent on others, liars, disloyal friends, failure, dishonesty, unmotivated and non-passionate people, and inflexibility.

Things Scorpions Are Good At:

Managing different tasks efficiently, loving with all their heart, being both calm and crazy. You are also good at loving from a distance.

Things Scorpion Do When Pissed Off:

You avoid eye contact with those who have pissed you off. You will strike them on the place which is closely attached to them.

Things Scorpion Would Never Do:

You are not a fan of drama. Your words are never empty.

Things Scorpion Do After an Argument:

You go into a silent zone and make the people around to do brainstorming about what you are thinking at the moment.

Scorpio Biggest Fear:

Being judged and betrayed

Scorpions Partner for Dominance:

Zodiac Signs are Pisces and Cancer.

Things That Make Scorpion Happy:

Finding someone that understands you and who doesn’t think you are insane.

Scorpions Are Allergic To:

Lies, fake things, quitting, disloyalty and foolish games.

Ideal Gifts for Scorpions:

Books, necklaces, leather gloves or clothes, dark board games, sentimental keepsake, travel tickets of exotic places.

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