Sagittarius Romance

Sagittarius Romance

Element : Air

Quality : Mutable; Masculine; Positive

Ruling Planet : Jupiter

Lessons to give in love : Candid, upfront honesty. Love is to know and to communicate. Check out Horoscope Matching Online for FREE and to find the ideal match before you dive deep into any relationship.

Lessons to learn in love : Loyalty and devotion.

Sagittarius Love Personality:

Restless, inquisitive and philosophical Sagittarius find it hard to believe anything/ anyone at the first go, and hence take time to form opinions. Born with a unique spirit of inquiry, they (with their penetrating logic and curiosity) aim to unearth the mysteries of their own and others' behaviour. Candid as they are, in their attempt to know and see, may end up asking/ saying embarrassing (or rude) things. Archers exhibit a certain duality in their persona. Although, such keen investigators willing to go an extra mile to find, read, communicate and philosophise on eternal truth, philosophical teachings, higher learning and human behaviour, they themselves may resent the complex education system and formal training. They are optimistic yet sceptical, fanatics yet atheists, and tactless yet serious! They adore their freedom, and restrictions of any sort may irritate and frustrate them. Know more about them with a FREE Sun Sign Profile. Or, get a FREE Love Horoscope and find what lies ahead with this quirky lover.

Love for the Sagittarius is:

True, eternal yet something that may evade them, and thus need to be found, investigated, restored or retained before it is lost forever. No wonder, Archers are inwardly insecure, even though their insecurities are carefully masked under the garb of their garrulous, self-immersed, blunt exteriors. Often scared of reality (and even shocked beyond repair by it), they seek refuge in idealism (which may go too far sometimes) and their own strong spirit of inquiry. They fail to look inwards, so socially tuned in they are, and thus may fail to achieve true fulfilment. Extremely careful of their own space, Archers may go astray in love as they may often view love as confining (and not liberating). Yet, their partners would do well to learn from their contagious idealism, enthusiasm and optimism. Confused? Ask a Love Question here! Read more on: Sagittarius Compatibility

When Sagittarius in Love:

Sagittarius is cheerful, optimistic, communicative and adventurous. Although, Archers' frank opinions and an innocent tactlessness may affront their partner sometimes, Archers, with their jovial nature, bubbling exuberance, ability to talk on anything, sense of adventure, and love for travel, shall enchant and win them back pretty soon. They are their happiest in a new relationship. However, as the relationship progresses, and becomes routine, the free, restless Archers may start resenting the sense of confinement and responsibility a committed relationship brings. They do have a tendency to remain immersed in their own dream worlds, which may have an adverse bearing on their relationships. Get a Couple Analysis Report to analyse your chances of making it with a restless Archer. Better still, get a tailor-made astrological reading in Love and Marriage Prospects Report. And, keep loving!

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