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Sagittarius Nature

Sagittarius Nature

The 9th Sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is symbolised by a Centaur with the top part being of a human and the lower part being of a horse. They thus have both the good and bad instincts. The human part which has a bow and arrow pointing upwards, suggests that they have a spiritual nature. It also suggests that they are very positive and try to look at the brighter side of life, never getting bogged down by any kind of difficulties. On the other hand, they can be quite rude and may reject the best of advice. They are very active and love open spaces, and outdoor activities. They take interest in all sorts of games and physical activities. They are sympathetic and sincere; always making an effort to fix problems of their loved ones. Although they are very active, it can sometimes show up as restlessness. They also find it difficult to focus on many things at once. To know about your entire life horoscope try this astrology kundli free or to improve your concentration powers, straight away Talk to an Astrologer!

The key planet of a Sagittarius is Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun, which happens to be the biggest planet in the solar system. It symbolises heroic action. Jupiter is the king of everything that is huge, better and voluminous. However, sometimes too much can be too bad, and it can have an adverse effect. It can encourage the Sagittarius natives to blow up their money on unnecessary things. You can rectify this flaw by availing the personalised Natal Chart based service Wealth Ask a Question. Jupiter can be compared to a magnifying glass, which can make even a small opportunity look bigger than it is. As their key planet, Jupiter encourages them to live life as it comes, flow with the tide, and to have faith in something which is greater than themselves

Their Third House is the House of short-distance journeys, and the opposite Ninth House is the House of long-distance journeys. Jupiter signifies a lot of travel, even to foreign shores, as much as it signifies higher education and possible adventures in the future. To know in detail about these aspects, check out the thoroughly customised Birth Chart based service Janampatri.

The Sagittarius native belongs to the Fire Sign, and they are endowed with great reserves of energy. Just like fire, their energy never get exhausted. They are also unpredictable in their actions. They mostly don’t plan for the future and are prone to act without thinking. They just can’t control themselves from acting instinctively. But their energy gives warmth, and it is not destructive. When they like someone, they act in their best interests. Check out the Friendship Report– it is FREE!

They are endowed with lots of positive qualities. They are looked upon as the most active Sign of the Zodiac. Since they are very athletic, they excel in sports and adventures. They are independent, positive, cautious, friendly and sincere.

They can be very instinctive and often act without weighing all the pros and cons of their actions. They are prone to get bored and may often keep distracting others. This can make them lose focus in life. Restlessness and inflexibility are other negative qualities of Sagittarius-born. They may lack emotions. They can correct these negative qualities by wearing an appropriate gemstone.

They are not the kind of people who form habits easily – it happens only after indulging in the activity far too much. However, once they get addicted to something it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of the habit. One negative is that they can be very harsh while telling the truth, which can hurt people, so they need to learn some tact. They don’t worry too much about financial matters, and are prone to speculative activities. But if they control their socialising, they can save some money.

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