Libra Romance

Libra Romance

Element : Air
Quality : Cardinal; Masculine; Positive
Ruling Planet : Venus

Lessons to Give in Love : The ability to appreciate and imbibe the concepts of balance and beauty.

Lessons to Learn in Love : Beauty may be love, but they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What the Libra-born really look for in a partner is compatibility of nature, more than outer beauty, because what is deep inside is more important for them. You would greatly profit from the Natal Chart based customised product Compatibility Assessment Reading. Also, you can try our Free Kundali Matching for Marriage and get the right choice of partner.

Libra Love Personality:

Just like its symbol and its middle position in the Zodiac calendar, Libra is all about balance. They are perfectly aware that both good and bad, black and white, poor and rich are important, and that it takes all kinds to make the world. They are also aware that the solution to the problems around them lies in learning the fine art of balance. The Libra-born takes a holistic picture of the world, from the micro unit of the family right up to the global level. Logical and intelligent, Libra is capable of judging objectively, after carefully analysing both the sides of the problem. The Libra knows, and employs to his advantage the art of gentle persuasion. They love to lead from the front but without imposing their views and opinions on others. Charming to the tee, they are sensitive, but also realistic, and rarely get carried away by emotions. Get a personalised reading of your personality with the Natal Chart based personalised service Birth Horoscopeit is FREE!

Love for the Libra is:

Harmony. Mating of minds that is balanced – not extreme in any way, and leads to happy, pleasurable results for the both sides. In Libra's poised, symmetrical and harmonious world, love is a lot about beauty. Venus, the ruler of Libra makes them appreciate and respect beauty, symmetry and harmony. This may become a problem for the Libra-born, as he may fail to appreciate the deeper meaning of love. Because they are indecisive, they may take a long time deciding on their perfect mate, as they want their mate to be completely balanced in everything, so there are high chances that the right person may go away disappointed. Charming and attractive, the Libra-born people themselves always are surrounded by admirers and lovers. Libra people know when they fall in love, and like it to come with all the goodies – wine, roses, candles, pink hearts etc. If, however, you are not sure whether you and your sweetheart are cut out for each other, try the Birth Chart based personalised service Soul mates or Not? Read more on: Libra Compatibility

When Libra in Love:

The Libra-born is a very charming, tender, loving, committed and fascinating partner. Objective and fair, they take their time to say yes, but once they have made up their minds, they rarely back out. Although, they may come across as manipulative, employing their charms to the maximum, they often are hugely supportive and mindful of their mate's decisions and happiness. They may go wrong at times, owing to their quest for all things beautiful and rich in life, but they soon become grounded once their partner sounds a warning. Polite, amiable and socially tuned in as they are, they always believe in keeping up appearances, which may confuse their partners at times. You might be also interested to read about Libra Relationship.


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