Libra Facts

Libra Facts

Interesting Facts of Libra

Libra Facts: fair, balanced, quick to admit, crazy, clever, loyal, smooth negotiator, extremely observant, romantic

Libra Problem: You find it hard to say no when anyone asks for a favor. You tend to go overboard when caring  for others to the level that it gets frustrating for you at times. Nobody can calm you down when you are angry.

Things Libra hate: You hate unnecessary conflict. Also, you hate texting first, it makes you feel like you are annoying. You can’t stand selfish and inconsiderate people.

Libra motto: I fall too fast, forgive too easily and care too much.

Things Libra crave: You crave balance and harmonious relationships.

Libra badass teammates: Scorpio 

Things Librans do when pissed off: You will not listen to anything and act pricey.

Things that make Libra angry: You get hostile when you feel someone is going after something that belongs to you. You get annoyed when people don’t give straight answers.

3 things Libra are good at: staying neutral, stylish, and sniff out unwanted things.

Something Libra says to themselves all the time: I gave this idiot too many chances to improve.

Fun things Libra like to do: Boat ride and watching a live concert. 

Best gift for Libra: Gourmet food, stylish attire, interesting home decor, mobile, fine photo frame, a popular book, tickets of a live concert, movies, or art exhibition.

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