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Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman: Nature Of Bonding

The Sagittarius man is affiliated with the fire element whereas the Aquarius woman is affiliated with the air element, which makes this combination quite a tricky relationship. Though the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman can have an exciting, cheerful, adventurous and a loyal relationship together. The archer and the water-bearer value liberty and independence, as they know that they can progress only in such environments. As they both share similar values there will be fewer fights between them. The Aquarius woman will appreciate the adventurous, exciting nature of the Sagittarius man and she will be accepted by him without any changes. If these two are willing to get serious with each other, then they need to remain firm on that because there is no looking back once they start the journey together. Also read, Sagittarius Compatibility with other zodiac sign.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman: Level Of Understanding

They both have a wild nature but at varied frequencies. The reason for the water-bearer being wild is her independent nature that does not allow anyone to take decisions on her behalf. The archer is much passionate about life, which is why he is wilder. Sagittarius men often behave childishly and will take time to switch back to the serious mode. The Aquarius woman, on the other hand, are quite serious towards life and are often wrongly perceived as cold in nature. An Aquarius woman is always ready to go to any extent to help someone in need and this is what she lives for, while the Sagittarius man is self-centric who wants to explore new places, people, cultures and learn from every new experience which he gets. Like every other couple, there are signs for this couple as well which they may encounter while facing struggles and contradictions in their lives. They both will be commitment-shy and will take the time to think about marriage. There might also be differences when it comes to hobbies or personal interests. The archer will put his soul and mind if he is really dedicated to something while the Aquarius woman may get disinterested if it is a monotonous routine. Overall, the issues they are facing mutually are minor and won’t create much problem for them which suggests that they will enjoy amazing chemistry between them. Also read, Aquarius Compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman: The Love Affair

If the archer and water-bearer manage to stay together for the long term, it can be nothing less than a blessing for them. If they can pass the commitment stage easily, they will be set for a brilliant future together. Their common traits of being loyal and expressive will help them to strengthen their relationship match. The passionate drive of Sagittarius men and the love for intimacy of Aquarius women will help them have an amazing sex life together. Though the water bearer is not as emotionally intense and romantic as the archer, if both continue to give each other their own space, their relationship shall flourish. Sagittarius men are highly social and love to make new friends. He won’t be judgemental about his friends and will let others live their lives in their own ways. His loyalty and honesty will always attract more people to him and he will not leave his friends easily even when they have become boring to him. Aquarius women are the same as Sagittarius men when it comes to making friends. However, she will avoid clingy and dependent people so as to keep herself emotionally protective. Aquarius women are more into intellectual activities whereas Sagittarius men are more after physical features.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman: Benefits And Challenges

They both need to spare some time for meditation as well. They will stay together for long as their varied interests and hobbies will let them communicate over various topics. His impulsive nature will be appreciated by her and even she will join him in his explorations. Their similarities will help them to hardly indulge in fights. They both are dedicated to following their dreams and are also supportive of each other. They will decorate their home in their own styles which might look unconventional but will be comfortable enough for their friends. They both will have an amazing time in bed as both of them like to experiment with new things. Both the Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man will take part in various humanitarian causes as they both believe in making the world a better place to live. They are much care-free in listening to other people’s opinions and will continue on their relationship even if others oppose it. He is much philosophical and she is rational and he will become more sensitive in her company. But like every other couple, there are things which can create differences in them and if they have stayed together for long then they might get into some serious fights as well. The Sagittarius man needs to be less self-centric if he wants his relationship with the Aquarius woman to be successful. The Sagittarius man will be concentrating too much on his job, literally not caring about anyone else which can also be a concern. They can have heated arguments on each other’s past. His blunt words and her coldness can make the issue worse. It is also advisable for both of them to go with the flow and not overthink while making a decision. Their impractical nature will make their survival difficult and her carefree attitude will damage her a lot. Therefore, if certain things are taken care of, in the relationship, they will live a compatible life together. Read more about Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility.

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