Zodiac Signs Relationship Compatibility Pisces And Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer Nature and Nuances:

The dreamy Pisces and the moody Cancer- will they find their dream romance with each other? Of will they see that the similarities are a roadblock?

Let’s find out:

Pisces and Cancer Personality Traits:

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. They are the dreamers, the ones who have something or the other in common with all the zodiac signs. Pisces is a water sign. They say that water always meets its own level. As such, Pisces is the sign that will always work at aggregating any equation. They are horrible at confrontation, yet very rigid in their beliefs and ways.

The Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac. This water sign is completely governed by the moon. As such, one can often find their moods changing like the tides. Cancer is not an argumentative sign. Nonetheless, they will seldom agree to do anything that they don’t intend on doing, in the first place. Saying no, is not a problem for a cancer.

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Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility

One of the main similarities in the Pisces and Cancer is that they are both dreamy and romantic. While the Cancer is very self-driven and motivated, the Pisces believes in walking their own path. Whether you agree with it or not. This compatibility tends to draw these two zodiac signs to each other.

Pisces and Cancer, both believe in going over the top to express their love and romance. So, needless to say, here is a couple that will have weekly dinner dates, will love candle-lit meals and have a monthly membership at the local florist. Cancer and Pisces believe that love is incomplete without romance.

Being sensitive and expressive beings, one can only assume that the bedroom will be a very important part of this relationship. Here is a pair of Pisces man and Cancer woman and vice-versa who will do anything for the one they love, no boundaries spared!

Pros and Cons of Pisces and Cancer Compatibility:

Pros of the Pisces Cancer Relationship:

Pisces and Cancer are both very similar to each other. This could be a very major pro in the relationship. They are both dreamers, they both love staying in, they both are the kinds who are very selective of the ones they invest their emotions in.

Pisces and Cancer relationships are what seem perfect, to the outside world. No one will see them having an overt disagreement, let alone a fight. They are both sensitive, as such, they will seldom cross the line when voicing their opinions.

Both these water signs will have a great equation, finding a common ground, almost, as soon as a difference as occurred.

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Cons of the Pisces Cancer Relationship:

When dealing with water, we are all aware of the most important aspect. No matter how important water is to our survival, it is also capable of drowning us. This simple analogy holds true for this union as well. The Pisces Cancer compatibility can go sour with a simple shift. The great romance and glamour that rules their relationship, could drown them both. Pushing them into depression and anxiety.

Pisces and Cancer are both zodiacs who can’t quite give up on people. As such, this is a union that (they believe) will last forever. If they start feeling suffocated in the relationship, this very love of theirs is what can drown them.

Pisces native doesn’t really care about what people think. Pisces men and women are dreamers. Cancer plans its life around societal expectations, and opines on the basis of societal opinions. This could be another con in the Pisces and Cancer love match.


The Pisces Cancer union is a beautiful one. Both zodiacs are normally blessed with appealing looks and attractive minds. They are both prone to be drawn to each other. Mostly, for very valid reasons. However, both the zodiac star signs need to make sure that they do not let their love overpower them.

Just like sailing a ship on the water is fun, but being stuck in a sinking ship under water is not, this relationship needs to stay afloat, or the people in the relationship, may drown under the weight of their emotions.

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