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Aquarius and Taurus Nature and Nuances:

The water-bearer’s cup might not be able to hold enough love for a bull. It’s not likely that the two strikingly different souls will have anything in common that can bring them together.

Aquarius and Taurus Personality Traits:

Considered as the second last sign in the zodiac table, Aquarians are quite open-minded and liberal in their outlook. Sharp and resolute in their approach, they easily attract intelligent debates and discussions. Once they set a goal, they work tirelessly to reach the zenith. The water-bearer’s community usually achieves whatever they set their mind to. Unless they are convinced without a doubt, they tend to remain to be stubborn and do not pay any heed to what others might have to suggest.

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Aquarius and Taurus Love Compatibility:

The rapport between an Aquarian and a Taurean seems a little off as issues and fights are anticipated. Their outlook is as different as chalk and cheese and therefore it is difficult to establish a middle ground. But let’s not lose hope here. If both are convinced to make the relationship work, there are a few things that might come handy.

Both signs being intellectually sharp can come up with stimulating discussions that pleases both parties. This way, both the signs might be able to hold on to each other efficiently if worked upon.

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Pros and Cons of Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility:

Pros of the Aquarius Taurus Relationship:

A Taurean’s calm temperament helps to resolve the apprehensions of an Aquarian. At the same time, an Aquarian’s rooted thoughts and expressions are what truly attracts a Taurean.

Both being extremely loyal signs, will be devoted to each other and their zodiac match relationship. Both shall find it easier to trust, provided the Taurean remains truthful and the Aquarian does not keep secrets.

Since both prefer to steer clear from unwanted squabbles, they shall be able to solve any issue at hand before things go out of control.

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Cons of the Aquarius Taurus Relationship:

Taurus man and Taurus woman may find it a little tough to keep up with the exciting adventures of Aquarians. The Taurean may not be pleased with the water-bearer’s need to fly high even in uncharted waters, as they prefer to remain humble and grounded. Hence, the issues that crop up between the air and the earth signs are mainly due to these reasons.

Their desires differ from each other too. A Taurean will always want to acquire materialistic things whereas, an Aquarian is more interested in holding onto personal consequences that are on an intellectual level. These two contrasting desires might act as a spoke between them creating tensions and misunderstandings.

As Taurus and Aquarius both are of dominating nature, it might get a little difficult for them if they are being told what to do by the other. Since none are of the compromising kind, it is likely that their relationship might be in jeopardy.


Relationships between the water-bearers and the bulls don’t seem to last long as major disputes are bound to make their way into their lives. But, that does not mean one must give up on the relation. If both promise to invest time and understanding in their relationship, they might pass the test with ease.

Flexibility is required from both sides as it might help them learn from one another. It might not be as bad as it looks, provided both are ready to give it one more shot with the opportunity given.
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