Capricorn Nature

Capricorn Nature

Capricorn Nature

The symbol of your Sign is Goat, and like a mountain goat, your desire is to climb higher and higher in every walk of life. This shows great ambition. You are self-confident and like to set lofty goals. You feel satisfied when others respect you for your capabilities. You do not avoid taking risks, but you are not reckless. All your actions are rehearsed before putting them into action. Your relationships with others can be complicated. You can be very selfish, and have a h5 urge to acquire power that will raise your status in society. You look to be cool and calm, but below the surface you can be very emotional. You are quite self-motivated, and will manage to find opportunities whenever required. Your powers of concentration are good, but you can be rather unemotional and may have too high an opinion about yourself. Get birth kundali free to find out what the future has in store for you.

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Capricorn Key Planet: Saturn

The ringed planet Saturn is usually associated with the word “Satan”. The planet symbolises boundaries and limitations. If you give in to those limitations, you are bound to live within the laws of cause and effect. But if you do some spiritual practice, you can be rewarded by the great wisdom. Saturn indicates that you get what you deserve. If you try to take short-cuts in life, you may get into trouble later on. But if you do your work sincerely, then you will be rewarded. Talk to an Astrologer to get a better understanding of this aspect.

Tenth House: Career

The Tenth House is the House of the Father, which influences your work or profession. This House also shows what kind of views the world has about you, through your intuition. You can rely on its power to help you get the social and professional status you desire. If your career situation is causing you anxiety, check out the personalised Birth Chart based Career Ask 3 Questions



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Capricorn Element: Earth

Your Sign belongs to the element Earth. The most outstanding quality of this Sign is that you are practical. However, you lack spontaneity. All your moves are planned in advance. You can’t tolerate failure, and all your efforts will be geared towards making sure that you get the success you desire. For you, seeing is believing. You will only believe the things seen, touched or tasted. You are realistic and dislike what is idealistic. And, it is exactly because you are practical that others value your opinion highly. Get the Birth Chart based service Personal Ask 3 questions to resolve any doubts that you may be nurturing about your potential.

Capricorn Strength:

You are determined in your actions and don’t let setbacks affect you. You will keep trying till you succeed. Your other positive qualities are that you are reliable, patient and faithful. Your ability in overcoming obstructions strengthens you.

Capricorn Weakness:

Though you are self-confident, you have your negative points. Frequently, you are selfish, and would avoid taking any action in which you don’t gain anything. You’re craving to achieve your objectives by any means can sometimes make you cruel in your actions. You can also be totally devoid of emotion. You might also be interested in reading about Capricorn Traits

Capricorn Habits:

The Capricorn-born natives are hard workers, and give more importance to their profession than their domestic lives. This quality stems from their fear of poverty and having to depend on others. As a matter of fact, the main reason for many of them working so hard and for such long hours is that they don’t get the time to spend the money, and can thus save it for the future. They should be more conscious of their non-material blessings. They can sometimes ignore their health by not paying attention to their diet.

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