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Aquarius Relationship

Aquarius Relationship

Intellectual stimulation is just like an aphrodisiac for the Aquarius lover, says Ganesha. To keep an Aquarius interested, the best thing would be a lively chat in culture and future possibilities. Those who will not be staggered by their utterly candid nature are the best people well suited for them when it comes to love. Frank, communicative, imaginative, and willing to take risks are the characteristics appreciated by an Aquarius-born. The two most important qualities that are needed to have a long term relationship with an Aquarius-born are honesty and sincerity. Undoubtedly, it’s not an easy job to find the right kind of partner for them. Are you an Aquarius native looking for a suitable life partner? Get a 100% personalised service Marriage Prospects which is based on your Natal Chart and provides solutions from an astrological standpoint. You can rely on our expert astrologers to provide you with an accurate report/ guidance by usingkundali matching online service  . Read more on: Aquarius best compatibility

An Aquarius father would be frank and very friendly with his children. He would give lots of freedom to his children and will easily adjust to the new and changing environment, so there will seldom be any generation gap between father and child. The risk here is that the child may misuse the freedom he/ she is given. It is the only thing the father needs to be cautious about. Moreover, we suggest you to buy the Parenting Profile report to become a better parent.

An Aquarius mother would treat her children just like her friends. She will be very open with them and will offer them all the freedom they need and will not put any type of limitations, so again, the risk is that the children may misuse this freedom. So it is best to draw the lines that must not be traversed.

An Aquarius child will be earnest and obedient, but will demand a lot of freedom in life. They will not go against or disrespect their parents, but would exhibit their desire for freedom in a very open manner. They won’t need much manifestation of love but would anticipate their parents to remain friendly with them. Though, at times they may be unable to figure out which subjects interests them. If your child is an Aquarius, we suggest you to purchase Your Child’s Astrology Profile report. This service is based totally on the Birth Chart of your child, and therefore you will be receiving a 100 percent personalised report about your child’s personality and future.

The Aquarius boss will be well liked by his employees and workers for the great freedom and personal space that he offers them, and for remaining very friendly and totally frank with them. They will allow their employees to get engaged in other activities also and will permit them to work in their own way but will certainly remain concerned about good results.

An Aquarius in friendship would be extremely faithful and compassionate. He would not only help his/ her friend but also try to solve their problems and would suggest them the best solution. They take care of their friends when they are in need and they won’t allow their friends to stumble.

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