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What is Love Bombing – It Can Bomb Your Relationship ?

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. We all want to give and receive love. It can take many forms. Love can be for a friend, a pet, our family, favourite sweater, for the hills and for a few lucky ones from a romantic partner. Being in a relationship and finding a partner with whom you connect deeply and can share your idiosyncrasies is a bliss. Truly so if it lasts forever and stays authentic. The experience of love which is supposed to be joyous turns horrendous when bombed by someone! Love Bombing is known as a phenomenon when someone bombs you with intense demonstrations of attention, devotions, and excessively strong and passionate interest only to emotionally exploit and abuse you later.

With the intention of making the recipient feel reliant on and obligated to that person, Love Bombing is characterized by excessive attention, admiration, and affection. Additionally, receiving a love bomb makes you feel great since it increases your dopamine and endorphin levels. You have feelings of being unique, important, loved, valued, and deserving, all of which help to boost your self-esteem. It might be advantageous in the early stages of a love relationship, but it can also result in gas lighting and abuse.

Signs of a Love Bomber

According to expert psychologists, it might be a sociopath or narcissist trying to manoeuvre through manipulation. Because “our culture, through TV, films, and fairy tales, informs us that the conduct we recognise as Love Bombing is a normal expectation of passionate love,” it might be difficult to identify Love Bombing.

Here are some signs and statements that are displayed by love bombers:-

  • I want to treat you well. (For example, if your partner buys you a lot of gifts too quickly in a relationship.)
  • I simply want to be by your side constantly. Not a good indicator if you feel guilty for needing limits or space.
  • I enjoy checking up on you because I worry. If they occasionally check-in, that’s cute. Do they frequently inquire about your movements, monitor your social media accounts, or request passwords? ‘Love Bombing
  • “We were made to be together.” Be on the lookout if things get too passionate too quickly or if they describe you being their twin flame or soul mate right away.
  • You and I will always be together, right? They elevate you before treating you poorly.
  • They give extra goodies.
  • They overly rely on you and disregard your boundaries.
  • Your connection seems to be moving quickly.
  • The love bomber may distance you from your family and friends and demand all of your time and attention (for example, they may become angry and make you feel guilty for making plans with others).
  • The love bomber will lavish you with compliments and adoration.
  • Early on in your courtship, the love bomber will persuade you to make a commitment to them.

Dangers of Love Bombing?

Love Bombing is a form of emotional abuse that can have a severe negative impact on your mental health. It’s all about the law of reciprocity, which states that if someone offers you something, you feel obligated to give them something similar or better in return. Therefore, if your partner is showing you an excessive amount of affection and attention, you may feel pressured to reciprocate with the same behavior, dedication, or ‘loyalty’ despite your intuition telling you otherwise.

Once the targeted person becomes hooked on the love bomber, the love bomber has not only acquired power over their partner’s head and heart, but they have also had their ego bolstered, adding that it may also turn into a cycle of abuse. They start the process of withdrawing from the relationship at this point since they are no longer interested in their partner.

The love bomber may start emotionally abusing their lover once they start to withdraw. They might insult, disparage, gaslight, and make their partner feel unimportant and undervalued. The abuser knows they are in control of their victim and may eventually walk away from the relationship, knowing they may come back at any time to resume the cycle of abuse.

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How to Overcome Love Bombing?

Connect with friends and family if you’ve experienced uneasiness and were unable to set limits with this love bomber. It’s never too early/late to ask for guidance from a mental health professional. Do not forget to be kind and forgiving to yourself. It’s okay to trust and fall flat on the ground. Don’t blame yourself for other people’s irresponsible behavior.

Knowing your own self-worth, loving yourself, keeping one eye open in the relationship, and trying not to be so blinded that you don’t learn enough about your partner are the entire cure for future Love Bombings. Healthy couples are able to be vulnerable, and can trust, and care for each other because of their closeness, respect, and attention.

Love Bombing occurs in all types of relationships such as friendships and others. Always remember that – help is always available to those who ask for it.

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