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What is Demisexual? – Understand This Sexual Orientation

“With something as complex and multi-layered as human sexuality, it makes sense that one word doesn’t capture someone’s full experience as a sexual being.”
— Margaret Seide

Is being demisexual right or wrong? Are people who identify with a certain sexual orientation or sexuality wrong? Is there a difference between the sexuality and/or sexual orientation of people who fall into different areas of the spectrum? These questions often tend to circulate around us. Sexual identity is an essential part of an individual’s identity. There is no right or wrong way to choose; everyone has their own unique choice to make and adhere to.

So, before delving deeper into the concept of “Demisexual”, understanding the complexities of the terms “sexuality” and “sexual orientation” is very important as these two are closely related to one another. Sexuality can be understood as the “what” and “how” in understanding the different terms. In other words, it is the quality or state of being or feeling sexual. On the other hand, Sexual orientation is determined by our choice of who we are sexually or in terms of choosing a sexual character. Science and medical observations have proved that a complicated interplay between genetics, hormones, and environmental factors affect sexual orientation; parenting or early childhood events do not.

The concept of sexual identity has and will continue to change. This is evident when we take into account the term demisexual, which was introduced to the English language in 2006 but has already gained widespread usage. If one identifies as a demisexual, they may feel like the “weird one out” in the world, but they’re certainly not the only one. It is critical to recognize that we all have the ability to choose and express ourselves in ways that feel and fit comfortably for us at our core.

Definition of Demisexual

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which an individual does not experience primary sexual attraction but instead only experiences secondary sexual attraction—the type of attraction that happens after knowing someone for a while. In short, a demisexual person feels sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond or connection.

What is Demisexuality?

Is the term Demisexuality understood as one-size-fits-all? Is it possible that there are only demisexual men or women? Demisexual individuals may identify as pansexual, polyamorous, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual. A demisexual person may identify as male, female, agender, or in some other nonbinary way. It can differ from who a person is attracted to.

In an Instagram survey conducted by Nandita Potnis in 2019, it was partially accepted that women are found to be more inclined toward demisexuals than men. Their gender roles and conditioning are built in such a way that most women tend to identify as demisexual since they are expected to keep up with a certain identity, while most men move away from it.

A man’s or a woman’s sexual orientation is determined by the personal choices they make as they get older. Their attraction to their preferred sexual group will reveal their inclinations. Their sexuality will be reflected in the way they live their lives and in the sexual behaviours they engage in with other members of their sexual orientation group.

The Difference Between Demisexual and Asexual

Demi” is a prefix that can refer to someone who is either interested in sex or is asexual. Due to their infrequent feelings of sexual attraction, people who identify as demisexual are occasionally categorized as asexual. However, after they have developed an emotional bond with someone, they might experience sexual attraction and show a desire to have intercourse.

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Misconceptions About Demisexuality

•It does not mean that people who identify as demisexual are afraid of sex, they simply do not feel sexual attraction to new people.
•It has nothing to do with moral or religious views about sex. It is not a choice; it is a sexual inclination.
Demisexuality is not a sign of low sex drive, it only refers to the type of attraction that person feels, not how often they have sex.
• Demisexuals do not need to be in love with the other person to indulge in the act, rather it requires a connection, that can be a close friendship or another type of non-romantic relationship.

Last but not least, we should never force our ideas of what is right or wrong in terms of sexuality or sexual orientation upon anyone. We must learn to be kind and supportive of the choices made by other people. However, when someone expresses a desire to stop being sexual unless they are in an environment that offers warmth and support, we can label them as being “uptight.” Everyone should have the freedom to have their limits respected, to choose what they want, and to behave in a way that reflects the same.

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