What is your assessment of using ‘GaneshaSpeaks’ as a method of therapy for PTSD?

What is your assessment of using ‘GaneshaSpeaks’ as a method of therapy for PTSD?

In my experience, people with PTSD have a hard time trusting others and making a genuine relationship can be difficult. Their avoidance is another thing I’ve seen. The DSM-5 states that returning to the event’s memory is the last place a trauma victim wishes to go. The catastrophic nature of the PTSD diagnosis never ceases to astound me. Agoraphobia, severe anxiety, hypervigilance, a lack of confidence in others, occasionally illogical phobias of people or things, and a long list of other symptoms can all be signs of PTSD. Trauma survivors, in my opinion, are among the most courageous people. Even under the most trying conditions, they find resilience.

it’s safe to use Ganeshaspeaks, I never felt any issues while using them. I have recently discovered their therapy section which is amazing I believe. They have a chat and calls option too. I mean people who are introverted like me, can never feel so comfortable in the first time talking to strangers but my first session went smoothly, I took my first chat session then after that my counselor suggested to talk on call because I had a lot to tell her, and chatting was taking a while for me, she understood me without me telling her anything. I think that’s the best quality about a therapist you know, adjusting to one’s client’s needs and helping them with whatever they come to you.

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