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Understand the Stages of a Breakup and other Reasons.

You have reached a point where everything about the relationship starts becoming overwhelming. The little quirks of your partner that you adored earlier aren’t so anymore, instead they are among the several reasons of your annoyance. The relationship isn’t your happy place anymore. Instead of giving a sense of comfort, it’s the reason for your irritation. There’s lack of communication and even if there’s communication, there’s lack of comprehension anymore. You and your partner reach the brim and it leads to a breakup. It may have been mutually decided or one of you decide to do so. Breakup is the termination of a relationship. This entails the end of a romantic relationship between two individuals. Regardless of the termination of relationship, the feelings, emotions and thoughts aren’t terminated right away. Along with the breakup, the feelings of pain, anguish, sleepless nights and so on are followed, leaving the person in a vulnerable state. For some people it may take a few days, for some months or even years for others to get over a person. The process of getting over a person isn’t the same for everyone. There is no way to quantify the extent to which the heart might feel crushed. Experience Online Psychologist

Reasons for Breaking up

Why Men Break Up?

Lack of Freedom: Freedom can be achieved rather quickly as a result of which an immediate sense of freedom is obtained right after breakup which they feel is lacking while in the relationship.

Discomfort with extreme Emotions: Men tend to feel a sense of discomfort when confronted with extreme emotions hence they avoid such situations very often. This is also due to the societal stereotype abiding to which they suppress their emotions.

Jealousy: Very often, men have a hard time accepting the fact that their potential partner might have an interest in someone else. They might feel jealous but may not accept the fact that they are being jealous.

Disrespecting Personal Choice: Certain women might restrict their partners from interacting with certain people or might demand attention all the time. Due to this, men might end up feeling that their personal choice is not respected and they may want to get out of the relationship. While this might be true for both genders, it is generally a factor found prevalent in men.

Why Women Break Up

Feel a lack of Love: Once this feeling of being loved or loving someone is lost, it takes a long time to come back. As a result of this, generally, when a woman realizes that she has reached the end of her endurance, she tends to breakup with her partner.

Differing Expectations: While men might want their space, women might want their partner around or vice versa. Men have expectations like getting their partner’s support in their decisions while women might expect active participation of their partner in everything they do.

Lack of Consent: Research has shown that women value consent a lot. When they experience a lack of consent from their partner, be it in physical or emotional matters, they tend to move away from the relationship.

Reasons to break up can be galore. But breaking up is not always the solution. Talk to our Relationship experts at Ganeshaspeaks.com to save your relationship from a breakup.