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Is there any option to replace traditional therapy?

There are users who take a few online counseling sessions on ganeshaspeaks.com and it was a great experience but nothing extensive. they were dealing with a few difficulties but after taking the guidance everything was back on track.

What sense are you talking about in traditional therapy? Like the earliest cognitive or behavioral therapies that were provided to patients or the traditional way of doing an ‘in-person’ and face-to-face therapy?

Virtual therapy platforms don’t provide extensive therapies. You can approach them for minor problems but something that falls under the spectrum of severe can’t be treated just over a chat or voice call. You may need prescribed medication to help you with some of your symptoms and online therapists are not the right choice for that. In fact, therapists on virtual therapy platforms like Ganeshaspeaks.com don’t ever prescribe you medication and if they think you require the help of a clinical psychiatrist, they tell you so.

Now, before the pandemic, many of us wouldn’t even have thought that online education can be a way to impart knowledge or study but it is happening now. The same goes for virtual therapy platforms. They make it easier and inexpensive for so many people to access mental healthcare from the comfort of their zone. Such therapies are proven best for people who suffer from anxiety while traveling or in presence of a large crowd at public places. Online therapies are proving as effective as traditional ways of ‘in-person’ sessions.

Our mental wellness experts can equip you with quite a few skills to deal with day-to-day stressors.