Mind The Gap Between Your Mind And Expectations

Mind The Gap Between Your Mind And Expectations

Does your reality match up with your expectations? Do you want to change your health, productivity, and future?  Your mind has the power to change it all – from the effects of stress and medication on your body to your ageing process.

How many times have you felt mentally drained after working very hard on a project or a deadline? So tired that you just want to do nothing. How you wish at the flick of a switch you could reset your exhausted mind! But what if you were told that’s possible? We all have unexploited resources of mental stamina. And it has all got to do with our beliefs and expectations held in our minds. Because you expected yourself to be exhausted after that hard work, you felt low on energy.

Drained or energised?

Beliefs and expectations matter. What were your expectations about the project before it commenced? Did you believe it was something arduous? Something mentally exhausting? Interestingly, it has been found that people’s beliefs and expectations play a vital role in the way they experience things. If expectations around an undertaken task are positive in terms of its completion, and if one believes it to be mentally stimulating, the resultant feeling would be of content and happiness. One would be absolutely charged up at the end of it. Now, not all tasks are interesting or stimulating enough to generate feelings of positivity. What about those mundane or gruelling tasks which can make you feel on the edge?

Life is hardly about what you want. Rather it’s more about what you get. There are a few ways to reframe your mindset that would change your beliefs and expectations. Three little words is all it takes to get there.TRAIN YOUR BRAIN.

Tips To Increase Your Mental Stamina

You must remember your brain is the laziest organ. Yet it is very smart. It always strives for shortcuts. It converts any action repeated multiple times into a habit, so that it doesn’t have to retain too much information. Any thoughts pondered upon several times becomes a pattern, a thought pattern. Your beliefs and expectations germinate from your thoughts. Your reactions are your thought patterns. Your thought patterns are at play when you anticipate a certain feeling or outcome. Here are a few tips to mine into your mental stamina:

Reframe your outlook –

Don’t look at a particular task as daunting. Reframing your view about the task at hand is the key to get through it. Perceiving it as a mental booster will help you take your mind off the false negative outlook you could have created towards it. Reframed perception will reward you in the form of mental agility.

Selective decision making –

Is your head aching from decision making? Human beings make hundreds of decisions in a day. Not to talk about the micro decisions which probably go into grands. By being conscious and selective about which decisions to make, you can protect your mind from decision fatigue. This in turn will leave your brain energised for more meaningful tasks and less exhausted.

Visualisation –

visualising positive effects can actually have positive effects on your mind and body. Negativity is a form of visualisation where we expect the negative to happen. Before your negative expectations take root in the form of harmful effects, you need to practice positive visualisation.

Shift in narrative –

What story are you telling yourself when it comes to building your beliefs and expectations? Change your stories to change your expectations and see the difference in your resilience and wellbeing.

Seek therapy –

It can help you to identify your stressors and modify your faulty thought patterns that get in the way of your wellbeing.

You have an internal compass to harness the ability to improve your mental and physical stamina – your brain. It can trick you through your set beliefs and probabilities. It feeds on the very thoughts you create. But the power lies within you to be the biggest security guard of your mind. Be very selective about letting the right thoughts get in.

“Happiness is a process and not a destination, hence you will never reach it. But you can always choose to embark on the journey of happiness through your thoughts. Take your mind along and make it your best travel companion.”

-Sagarika Shah
AVP-wellness, GaneshaSpeaks.

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