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Why your partner doesn’t want you may have nothing to do with you

Many people are powerless against the excruciating sensation of rejection and the only consoling part of romantic rejection is that it is universal. Understanding why we chase people who don’t want us is essential for our self-awareness. Unknowingly, we are influenced by several psychological ideas that manifest as blatantly nonsensical behavior. But knowing how to move on and doing it with conviction is crucial. As much as we would like it to never happen, everyone must confront the possibility that the person they believe to be suitable for them may not feel the same way about them forever. No matter the relationship’s level, if you and your possible spouse do not hold the same opinions, you will come to a deadlock. Consequently, a few questions may come from this: Does he make you feel as though your “relationship” isn’t a place you can turn to when you need him/her because of unsubtle or hidden regulations? Do you believe that despite your best efforts, there will always be an emotional chasm or a division between you two? If your unrequited lover finds out that you are ruined or devastated because they chose not to love you anymore what do you think will be their thoughts about you? Do you think they’ll feel sorry for you and come back to you? Of course, they won’t and you know it.

Why Do They Not Desire a Relationship?

They Want to Keep Their Options Open
Some people just find themselves in a life phase when they want to meet new people and go on casual dates. Maybe they’re only dipping their toes into dating since they’re still processing their breakup. Or, they now prefer to put their profession and other hobbies before a love relationship, which is also reasonable. In addition to being in a committed relationship, having friends, family, and hobbies including traveling and other endeavors that promote self-discovery and fulfillment are all important components of a meaningful existence.

They’re Emotionally Unavailable
Someone’s judgment could be clouded by distressing memories of failed relationships in the past. They can be worried about offending you or failing to uphold the level of closeness you desire. “Sometimes people lose interest in relationships after having an uncomfortable link.

Relationship security may not always exist. It is too terrifying to commit. Despite the possibility of success, they don’t truly take a gamble when it matters “says Slatkin. According to Slatkin, it takes self-knowledge to determine if a person is genuinely ready to enter a committed relationship. This awareness involves being willing to address worries and past failures.

They May Want a Relationship, Just Not with You:
Your partner can be emotionally secure and eager to be married, but not to you. Slatkin contends that sometimes people get so preoccupied with themselves that they lose any sense of compassion. The majority of emotionally mature, educated individuals are capable of making decisions about what they are willing and unwilling to do, and no amount of outside influence can change that.

Relationships are meant to be enjoyed. If you feel insecure or anxious about it, you need to get a reality check.

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How to Move Forward

#1 Make peace with the brutal truth
What is this unwavering truth, specifically? Such a person is neither wanted nor required. It could be difficult to give up while you’re experiencing excruciating pain. You ponder why they stopped loving you or why they never put any effort into things. You never lose hope that they will adore you. Even though it’s false. Even if it hurts, telling the truth is always the best course of action. Accept the fact that you love someone who doesn’t love you in return because it’s the only way to take a leap off the situation and embrace the future you deserve.

#2. Admit to your feelings
Do you think it’s easy to forget someone you love by just pretending that you’ve gotten over them? Don’t assume that something won’t happen just because you’re delaying seeing it. Instead of trying to suppress your sentiments or the feelings your ex-lover had for you, you should accept them. You’ll be prepared to deal with whatever has to be handled after expressing your thoughts to yourself.

#3. Give your wounds time to recuperate
Emotional wounds seem like physical wounds or traumas that require time to heal. One of the finest ways to deal with emotional anguish is to give oneself time to recover. Your healing will happen eventually if you give yourself enough time to mourn. All you need to do is let go of your disappointments, irritations, and resentments. And everything will work out as it should.

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#4. Share your feelings with someone
“Thou shalt not keep thy feelings to thy self.” Even though it may appear uncomfortable, many people frequently indulge in this behavior. How? They keep their emotions hidden from their loved ones and cut themselves apart from other people. A big no-no. You can share your actual sentiments with a friend or family member if you wish to stop suffering any form of heartache. Because “a problem shared is a problem halved.” It normally seems less overwhelming or disturbing when you discuss a topic with someone else. You may lessen the impact of a heartbreak  by talking about your annoyance and grief with family and friends.

#5. Fall in love with yourself and look after yourself
Fall in love with yourself, make yourself happy, take care of yourself, don’t resort to smoking and excessive drinking, and remember that you had your life before falling in love with that person. There’s only one you and you’ve got only one life. Why mope over someone who doesn’t love you? Cheer up, refill your spirit with happiness, go shopping, get new clothes, change your looks and lead a happier life. If you can’t love yourself how you can expect another person to love you?

#6. Take some time before jumping into another relationship
You’re wrong if you think starting a new relationship would make your heartache go away. Nobody wants to be perceived as a rebound, so treating someone that way will just make them one of you. Instead, give yourself time to heal and put a smile back on your face before thinking about beginning another relationship. Alternately, hold off on dating until you’ve recovered from or moved from your past relationship.

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