How can a person get therapy anonymously?

How can a person get therapy anonymously?

The ethical codes of psychology clearly state that everything between a person and his or her therapist is to remain confidential. Acknowledging that you have a problem and then taking a leap of faith to see a complete stranger to tell them all your problems takes a lot of effort on the client’s part. If you are still seeing this therapist and your issues have remained unresolved then the therapist has no right to disclose any details of your case to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Unless there are some exceptions to the confidentiality clause or your explicit ‘informed consent’, your therapist can’t talk about your case to his or her friends, family or anyone. You can give consent to your therapist once you feel good to anonymously disclose a few things of your case for a case study or educational purpose but that is a whole different thing. Without your information, your therapist can’t disclose any detail regarding your case to people irrelevant to your case.

In fact, my cousin went through something like this. She signed up for some pro-bono counseling sessions but the counselor didn’t seem much interested in her case. She felt maybe because it was free that’s why. So, I suggested she seek Ganeshaspeaks’ therapists.

If you are going through any problem and not seeking out help out of the fear that the therapist is going to break the confidentiality clause then you can seek help from Ganeshaspeaks. Their professionals cater to all your needs. From my own personal experience, their therapist was a patient listener and I never felt any distrust to share my problems with him.

If your therapist keeps speaking only about himself then, you do need a change of scenery. You can book a short first consultation with 100% cashback session at Ganeshaspeaks to evaluate their services and if you find the therapist trustworthy, go for it! Hope my answer helped you.

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