First time experience for online therapy from GaneshaSpeaks

First time experience for online therapy from GaneshaSpeaks

Before I had started my first session with Ganeshaspeaks, I was a mess emotionally. While I was not doing really well with a few aspects of my life, the anxiety of talking to a new stranger was so terrifying. I am a person of shy disposition so, you can imagine my state even if it was an online anxiety session baring my thoughts which were so dark at that time was such a terrifying task to do. I am grateful that Ganeshaspeaks provides both chat and call options because for me it was not as intimidating as facing some strangers. You can find all the available therapists the moment you open their website and can choose according to your instincts. I went for someone near my age group.

All my fears were assuaged as I talked to my therapist over call. She sounded so calm, nice and totally professional but not in an intimidating way. She seemed close to my age, so I found it way easier to talk about daily stuff and she could easily relate too. My first consultation was for a short one as I wanted to get a hang of things and once I got over my fears, I was able to communicate well with my Online therapist. She was so person-centric and motivated me to speak without any unnecessary interruption or judgment. As I felt much more comfortable with her, we discussed our availability and the time that was best suited for our sessions. So, my experience was amazing and if you are a shy person like me, fearful of baring your soul and face, then you should definitely go for Ganeshaspeaks.

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