Does size really matter when it comes to satisfying your partner?

Does size really matter when it comes to satisfying your partner?

One of the first things you probably learned about sex is the size of a man’s penis. From the large feet and hands to height, the size of someone’s penis is a hot topic. The size of a male penile is a cultural phenomenon shared by both men and women. There’s a conventional perception that larger is always better, is this always true? Does penis size matter? It’s an age-old fear that many people will face at some point in their lives. Is my penis long enough? Is it wide enough? Will I be able to please my spouse if my penis is below average?

Myths about Penis Size

Many men are growing increasingly concerned about the size of the penis. In actuality, most men underestimate their penis size in contrast to the average size. Our societal beliefs about penis size most likely began long before one had intercourse.

Federico underlined that majority of us learn about sex from mainstream porn and the media, which favors individuals who are greater in size. “Young people who watch porn believe that huge penises are the norm and anything deviating from such a standard is unpleasant and undesirable,” Federico stated. The emphasis on large penis size as desired has a negative impact on some men’s self-esteem, causing size anxiety and problems with sexual intimacy and performance.

There is a significant industry for penis enhancement goods that offer individuals the concept that having a larger penis will allow them to better fulfill their partner. These businesses and goods “confirm men’s notion that bigger penises provide more sexual satisfaction to their spouses.” Because of the current size myth, there has been a substantial rise in possibly dangerous surgical penis-lengthening therapies, size-enhancing creams, medications, and devices.

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What size penis do women prefer?

Male reproductive system length has long been a point of dispute. This disagreement cannot be settled since two schools of thought exist, each with its own viewpoint on the matter. One group of women/homosexual men feels that a man’s competence is more important than his size, which considers both length and girth. The second group of people feels that size is essential for a pleasant and satisfying sexual encounter, as well as an even better climax.

Some women believe that a longer penis is more significant since it can more easily touch the G-spot in between intercourse strokes. There is no precise evidence for this, but many women feel that if a male can tolerate longer and provides more clitoral stimulation, it is enough to achieve orgasm. While on the other hand a lot of ladies also expressed their displeasure with the penis’s massive size, claiming that when a penis is larger than typical, it hurts during intercourse because the average vagina is 6 inches in size. This group of women has also concentrated on girth, stating that wider girth improves pleasure and aids in achieving more orgasms.

Perceptions of the ideal penis size have been distorted, and false expectations imposed by porn have led women to believe that size is important. However, the size of the penis varies based on a variety of characteristics such as origin, height, heredity, and so on, thus what is acceptable in India may not be suitable in Europe.

If we’re not focusing on penis size, then what should we pay attention to?

Federico stated, “Women should pay attention to their spouse’s desire to impress and connect with them.” “That makes a better lover than penis size,” She also advised that we rethink our definition of sex because penis-in-vagina intercourse isn’t the “gold standard” of sex; oral, anal, and any other way you and your partner touch or penetrate each other is sex. “We open ourselves up to a lot more pleasure when we extend our concept of sex.”

There’s a lot more to sex than the appearance of your genitals; that’s not where all the fun is. When seeking a partner, people should concentrate on and seek out someone who makes them feel good someone who is attentive, listens to them, and genuinely cares about how wonderful the sex is for them. Instead of thinking about how big they are, notice how strange they are. Don’t believe in anything unless you’ve tried it. It is unjust to insult someone because of their little stature, and it damages the man’s ego for the rest of his life! If you are unsatisfied with the size, try oral sex, experiment with other positions, and so on.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to show that penis size may be naturally enlarged. There are invasive surgical procedures available that can result in minor size increases, but they are often associated with substantial risks. Instead of stressing about penis size, concentrate on how to make the most of what you do have.

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What If Your Lover is Insecure about His Penis Size?

If you suspect your partner is self-conscious about the size of his penis, you may reassure him that the size is acceptable to you.

1. Remind him that it is his use of his size, not his size itself that pleases you.
2. Tell him that your happiness in having sex with him is dependent on his love, closeness, and affection before, during, and after you make love.
3. Remind him that you respect him for having a big head rather than a little one.

“Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about the heart.” – Bob Sanders

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