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What next, is a common question students ask when they get closer to graduation or are fresh out of college, but it can also make anyone feel stuck at any stage of their career. In an increasingly cutthroat culture, we are under pressure to excel and distinguish ourselves from our peers. High expectations can make it challenging to perform and can cause us to lose sight of who we are. 

What should I talk to my counselor about?

The pressure of performing poorly on an upcoming exam or an  interview can be immense. The experiences of staying up late studying or last-minute cramming are inherent parts of student life. Exam anxiety is caused by a variety of factors, including low motivation, inadequate planning and preparation, excessive expectations, and peer competition. 

The pressure of performing poorly on an upcoming exam or an  interview can be immense. The experiences of staying up late studying or last-minute cramming are inherent parts of student life. Exam anxiety is caused by a variety of factors, including low motivation, inadequate planning and preparation, excessive expectations, and peer competition. 

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Are you having trouble deciding which career to pursue?

Which route should we choose: the one that has been travelled the fewest or the most? Everybody finds it challenging to make the best decisions in life. “You don’t work a day in your life when you love what you do!”

Confused about which field to make a career in? Get clarity by speaking to our wellness experts.

Performance pressure and parental expectations

In today’s highly competitive environment, it can be very stressful to stand out from the crowd. Performance pressure has been linked to unrealistic expectations, unhealthy competition, and unrealistic ambitions. Whatever your concerns are, our experts can guide you with the best possible perspectives and options. 

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What should I talk to my counselor about?

Benefits of Career Counselling

People can benefit from career counselling regardless of their position or industry of employment. These courses provide guidance on worthwhile job possibilities for recent graduates. A career counsellor’s duties may include assisting you in changing careers. A career counsellor evaluates your current talents and pinpoints your professional goals in order to assist you in making the best career choice. A career counsellor provides job paths that fit your professional objectives after learning about your skills. Before choosing the best job route, you could attend a number of professional counselling sessions. Counselors can better comprehend your personality type and decision-making style through these counselling sessions. 

  • Give advice on salary negotiations

Although salary bargaining is a crucial skill in the hiring process, some people may find it difficult. Even while an employer might not be able to give you the precise remuneration you desire, they can still work with you to secure a payment that meets your standards and is suitable. Making contact with a qualified career counsellor will assist you in gaining confidence and securing a wage that is within your desired range. A career counsellor can frequently assist you in mastering the art of salary negotiation in a forthcoming interview. These experts provide you with advice on how to respond diplomatically without coming off as overly demanding.

  • Support and guidance for interview coaching

A career counsellor might share an engaging professional story that will help to hire managers better understand who you are and why you are the best candidate for the job role, as interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process. As an illustration, they might assist you in creating and choosing a story to present yourself to potential employers. You can even get advice from a professional counsellor on how to come up with powerful answers to frequently requested interview questions. Additionally, a counselling session can teach you how to effectively project yourself in the interview through your body language.

  • Identify your strengths and shortcomings

You can better understand your strengths and shortcomings by seeking expert counselling. These experts assess your potential using aptitude and career tests. This assessment aids counsellors in comprehending and choosing the ideal professions and industries for you. You can choose a job route to avoid by being aware of your weaknesses.

  • Support for students and job seekers

When candidates have trouble locating employment and making the best career decision, career counselling frequently serves as a source of support. An expert in career counselling may have resources that a candidate does not. A career counsellor uses their expertise to assist you in writing cover letters and resumes. They assist you in choosing an accessible structure and determining the crucial abilities to emphasise on your resume and cover letter.

  • Provides counselling for job changes

Candidates can better understand and weigh their alternatives with the assistance of expert advice. These experts assist applicants in achieving success in assisting clients, navigating new industries, and establishing career goals. A counselling session might help you approach work transitions sensibly and reassess your career objectives.

If you want to benefit from it, consult our career counsellors now.

Who Can Benefit From Career Guidance?

It can be challenging to make job decisions without the aid of career guidance, whether you are starting your professional career or searching for a shift. Here are some explanations for why you might need career counselling:

Your profession makes you unhappy

 A career counsellor can assist you in discovering your professional passion so you can decide which field to pursue a career in if you are unsatisfied in your current industry.

You don’t any longer have a clear objective or career path

Although you might have a career path when you first start out, your long-term objectives may change. You can take control of your professional life by developing a career path with the assistance of a career counsellor.

You are unsure about where to start

A career counsellor could be of assistance to you if you are unsure of your chosen path. A career counselling session can help you go through the uncertainty and determine which industry to enter to start a rewarding career.

You’d like to advance in your career

Career counselling frequently assists in maximising your potential for growth. An expert career counsellor offers you a range of options to consider and suggestions on how to launch your career.

Career Counselling
Who Can Benefit From Career Guidance?
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