What are the Benefits of Eating Healthy and Exercising

What are the Benefits of Eating Healthy and Exercising
“Moti ho gaye hai, deiting kar dieting”, said a 6 year old to her friend while running outside my kitchen window where I was making coffee and searching for inspiration to write this article. Well, I certainly found the right start ;) Its ironic how even in 2022 we treat food as simply a thingy for losing or gaining weight. Common netizens! Food is what our physical bodies are made up of. What we put inside our body, be it food, drinks or other substances has a direct relation to how we think, feel and act. Our relation with food is much deeper and beyond fat and follies. Human body, brain and mind are all interconnected. What we eat and the way we eat tells a lot about our thoughts and temperament. For example eating very fast could be a sign of pent up anxiety and hypertension.

Eating Healthy

When we eat the right kind of food (and by right I mean whatever is locally grown and freshly cooked) and in the right proportion (meaning eating mindfully and slowly sans counting calories), we start feeling lighter and more energetic. This not only makes us do better at work but also increases our capacity and capability to feel more positive emotions.

There is enough evidence to the fact that eating healthy and exercising regularly is related to good health and longevity. Researchers postulated that eating varied fruits, vegetables and grain (as per availability and seasons) may help you live longer, keep skin, teeth and eyes healthy, support muscles, boost immunity, strengths bones, lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, support healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding, helps in digestive functions, helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Additionally, eating right kind of food and equipping our body with all vitamins and minerals not only nourishes the body from the inside but also helps in alleviating lots of existing problems like constipation, piles, anemia,  mood instability, anxiety issues and even control diabetes, bad cholesterol and hypertension.

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Wellness Industry

Health is not just about the looks. I mean in 2022 we can swap from looking like pipsqueak to a kardashian in one surgery. Of course how we look and present ourselves to the world matters a lot and it’s important also. But we should allow ourselves to reflect our inner body workings on the outer than covering the wrinkles and blemished through makeup and filler.

What I feel and how I feel about my body image is way more important than looking thin or lean. The real question is am I happy and content with the way I am? If not, then how can I improve my health and wellbeing without being a victim of unrealistic beauty standards.

In today’s world, eating healthy and exercising regularly is as difficult and hectic as what a video call was in the 70s. With zillion of things for our immediate gratification and quickest delivery a tap away, it is very easy to let loose and stop caring. But here lies the secret my friend.

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Lifestyle Choices

Humans are creature of habit. What you practice becomes your habit, what’s your habit becomes your nature and what’s your nature becomes your personality. Beware of what you practice daily. Making small healthy choices like taking the stairs, stretching after long meetings, drinking fresh juices instead of colas and cold drinks could actually improve your mood and set of munchies in the long run.

Habits can make or mar your life. Want to change your habits or inculcate the right one? Speak live to our mental wellness expert at Ganeshaspeaks.com.

Body needs to release toxins through sweat and carbon dioxide and hence exercise is advised for agility and strength. It’s like how water becomes stale when stagnated; our body become stiff and makes it difficult to carry oxygen in the blood. Therefore, MOVE. Move my friend. Go left and right. Up and down. If you are working like me, get up every hour, not for tea or smoke break but to stretch and bend.

Building Healthy Ecosystem

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the epitome of self care and regulation. In this age and era where everything is at the touch of a button, abstaining from immediate gratification is in itself a form of willpower excellence. Having control and resilience to stay stiff when temptation comes and happily chose to stay fit and healthy for oneself is a big commitment. We can make it easy by:-

Efficient Planning – making a weekly chart for different exercise and various meals kills boredom and last minute decision making hassle. Stock yourself with all the needed items for the week.

Managing Portion – practicing mindful eating is one of the most efficient ways to eat and allowing your body to tell when to stop and when to continue. Eat with your five senses (eyes, smell, sound, touch and taste) and you’ll know the difference.

Good Nutrition – eating what is grown locally and freshly cut or cooked retains the nutrient within them than eating something cut or cooked a long time ago. Packet food, how so ever claim to be healthy are not when compared to home cooked food.

Good Eating Habits – changing habit or inculcating new habit requires practice. Just doing the same activity again and again will fortify the new habit. Make it a point to eat healthy at least five days a week.

Balance Diet – try and include all colours of the rainbow in your diet. Eat varied grains and legumes.


People will come, people will go. What remains till the last breath is our own body and soul. It is our moral duty to honour our wellbeing before anything or anyone else. No, it’s not being selfish, it’s being self loving. In a collectivist society where prioritizing others than self is looked upon to, I urge everyone reading this that standing up for our own health and happiness is a sign of love and courage. We are given this human life after many births. With all the resources and various technological help provided we must take our life seriously in utmost regard.

Honour your mind and body by taking care of it.

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