Are you newbie to talk online therapist?

Are you newbie to talk online therapist?

It is normal to feel awkward when you are going to talk online therapist first time and trust a good therapist to accept you for who you are. This was described by Carol Rogers as “unconditional positive regard.” Therefore, you shouldn’t really be concerned with what your therapist might think of you. You can gain knowledge from her opinions! Psychotherapists and counselors frequently refer to clients’ experiences as transference when describing them. The general concept is that your therapist unconsciously receives emotional feelings that you may have experienced as a child from your parents or other primary caregivers. Therefore, clients frequently feel toward their therapists in a manner similar to how kids feel toward their parents. It can occasionally resemble falling in love. Transference is entirely natural and common, and it can greatly improve the therapeutic experience.

For this one instance, I was talking to one of my online therapists at, I told her that “you know after so many sessions I feel like I like you, and I want our relationship to be more than this”, and I tell you she handled things so smoothly, she validated my feelings, appreciated that I reached out to her. And she also explained how it’s not very ethical to be involved with your clients for the therapists and vice versa. I really liked the fact that she was prompt and honest with me. She didn’t invalidate my feelings, nor did she make me feel bad about it. Instead, she accepted and congratulated me for accepting and acknowledging my feelings as I was struggling with my emotions and went to her for this reason only. I like being in therapy, it has become a routine for me, I think everyone should at least consult them at some point of our life.

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