Is there any app for online therapy with less expense?

Is there any app for online therapy with less expense?

if you are looking for virtual counseling platforms that are way less expensive than you should definitely check out It is a virtual counseling/therapy platform based in India and they would hardly cost you 50 US Dollars for an hour session.

The most inconvenient thing that I find about other therapy apps like TalkSpace is their subscription package and fee. So, once a person has paid the entire subscription fee, it seems pretty useless or wasteful if the person does not require therapy in between or for a long time. You can always opt for the cheapest package for a subscription but why pay for the next month when you are not sure if you will need another therapy session? also lets you choose your therapist and pay only when you take a session. There is no need to buy a compulsory subscription. Another thing is that the therapists are well qualified and professional and stick to the ethical codes of online counseling and therapy giving you confidence when it comes to confidentiality and privacy. No one wants to air their dirty laundry out in the open. Often, people complain that their therapists keep talking about themselves and do not bother much but the therapists of our site did not appear that way to me.

They were quite good when it came to listening and not bragging about their life situations. In fact, they did not even point out any incident of any client ever to me. A few therapists do tend to give examples of some other client of theirs but I was glad, that was not the case here.

Our mental wellness experts can equip you with quite a few skills to deal with day-to-day stressors.

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