What does our client say about GaneshaSpeaks online therapy app?

What does our client say about GaneshaSpeaks online therapy app?

Hello everyone I am Vidhi Sharma and I personally admire the team of Ganesha Speaks. I took my therapy from a trusted & reputed platform namely GaneshaSpeaks.com.GaneshaSpeaks therapists and counselors are also well versed in single-session interventions. Here I just had to recharge a wallet amount of my choice and had the option of paying per minute according to my comfort rather than sticking to a 45-60 minutes session mandatorily. It  GaneshaSpeaks.com brings forth a team of professional, ethical, empathetic, non-judgemental therapists who have quality experience and are well-known in the field. It provides affordable services without compromising quality.

The low cost of their services is what makes them popular and reliable (more than any other website or app as they cost somewhere between 70-150 US dollars). Ganeshaspeaks costs between 20 and 25 rupees per minute and protects the privacy of its consumers (in INR). They also provide articles on numerous mental health subjects, and you may learn a lot from them about how to deal with different crisis circumstances. They help dispel the stigma attached to mental health in India by educating people about a range of psychological conditions. I just paid 700 rupees for a 30-minute appointment with one of their therapists, and thrice a month I attempt to get in touch with someone from Ganeshaspeaks.

If you need any support with your mood swings, an expert online therapist can help you.

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