In September, this year, I discovered this fantastic Korean drama called “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and the male protagonist, Joon-Ho was a walking green flag. So, obviously, I had to share this show with my girlfriends and when one of them asked “What is a green flag?” my befuddled mind could not understand if she had never heard the term or always had been in toxic relationships. Whatever the reason, today we bring to you our “When I encountered a Green Flag!” series in which we disclose everything that is to know about green flags! A green flag is a positive sign that individuals must look out for in a healthy relationship. Green flags are indicators that a person is not toxic and chances are your relationship will not turn into a melodrama high on abuse and toxicity. If a red flag warns of danger, then a green flag indicates ‘Go ahead!’ So, what made Joon-Ho a walking green flag? Well, he was considerate, sweet, calm, patient, and everything nice. He is dreamy and the epitome of perfection because he is fictional but in reality, perfection does not exist. So, what important green flags do we need in a real relationship? Let’s get comfy and jot these important points down in your diary so your relationship stays on the right track and you know that you have got a keeper! Want to talk with some experts who can guide you about true relationships? Talk to Expert Astrologers now.

Healthy Communication

Next to losing out on a great sale, women hate being phubbed. But that does not mean, men, love it when their partner ignores them. Remember those romance novels where the girl is a chatterbox and the male lead is an occasional mute? Why do you think they always have some sort of falling out because of some fatuous misunderstanding? The answer is faulty communication. A healthy communication pattern where your partner listens to you without judgment or disruption and expresses their own problems, feelings, and thoughts is imperative for healthy relationships to grow. Effective communication helps resolve misunderstandings, develop trust, empathy and strengthens a relationship.


Edith Hamilton once quoted “Love cannot live where there is no trust” and we all can agree with that. Trust establishes the foundation of any or every relationship. If your partner trusts you and always cheers for you, then you know how lucky you got! Something that most people cannot find in this world. When there is trust in a relationship, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to your partner. The presence of trust itself shows that there is security in a relationship. Without trust, relationships fester and are over before the season changes. If your partner shows a lack of trust in you, then you can either work together to resolve their trust issues with the help of a counsellor or can call it quits before it turns ugly.

Healthy Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is difficult. If you put yourself first then feelings of guilt of selfishness can follow and if you keep putting others first over yourself then, you may begin to feel under-benefitted in a relationship. Maintaining a healthy balance is difficult when it comes to boundaries so, both partners in a relationship should strive for equality.

Equity theory of relationship emphasizes the same. Being equally benefitted is important. So, try to compromise once in a while and always treat your partner as your equal. Understand their feelings and respect their sense of self-worth. If your partner gives you space whenever you need it and understands your needs without sending you on a guilt trip then you should do the same for them.

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Warmth and Comfort

If your partner or relationship provides you the comfort to be yourself, laugh or behave freely then, it is a green flag. If your partner does not demean you, does not point out your faults all the time, or makes you feel inferior to them providing you with a safe environment to grow, then your partner is perfect like Joon-Ho.

Your partner is your safe haven – a place that brings you warmth. If you dread sharing something with your partner or it is uncomfortable for you to be yourself in their presence, then, that is a major red flag that indicates how unhealthy your relationship is.


Epitomizing the article, the list of green flags is long but if your partner provides you a safe place to evolve and grow, then your relationship is a healthy one. But people should always try to be considerate of their partners and never take them for granted. Keep it simple but sweet! That’s all a relationship needs.

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