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Precious and Priceless Gemstones for Joy, Bliss and Magical Experience


A glance

  • precious and rare
  • Loaded with medicinal and ornamental properties
  • Natural hardness, texture, color and luster
  • Natural, inorganic, hard, dense mineral mixture
  • Pearl and Amber – Organic Gemstones
  • Used in astrology, ayurveda and color therapy

Glitter of gems
Gems are beautiful and beautiful things give happiness throughout life. The minute sparkles and colors of gems fascinate the eyes when they come in contact with the sun’s rays or light. The gems worn on the fingers give a different feeling. Not only this, their natural glow is amazing. Gems are very precious, rare, beautiful and graceful, even if they are raw or without shape.

Gemstones have been considered precious, magical and auspicious in some cases since ancient times. Gemstones are such natural wealth, which has attracted kings as well as the common man. Gems have been used to decorate thrones, crowns and ornaments. Gems were also used extensively for other purposes, such as making medicines, performing worship or rituals, making knives or cutters to cut certain hard objects (due to their natural hardness), etc.

The benefits or properties of rare gems have been beneficial for human life for centuries, it is not that in the modern era we are exaggerating something in their context. Apart from being extremely beautiful and colourful, gems are also valuable to life and their auspiciousness also attracts human beings towards them. In the field of astrology, gems are used as practical remedies. It is advised to wear it keenly in astrology as it can solve many problems of human life.

Why are gems so important in astrology? Why are gems always a puzzle for us? Are gems really so beneficial, if yes, how? After all, how are gems made? Read the article carefully to know the answers to all your questions.

Legend and gem
There are many references available in Indian mythology regarding gems, in which the creation, use, power and benefits of gems are mentioned. Planets and God are associated with them. According to a legend, the gem was first obtained from the body of the ancient demon king Bali. It is believed that King Bali bowed down before Lord Indra and requested him to take the sacrifice, after which Lord Indra beheaded Bali and killed him.

Reference to gems in European, especially Roman literature, mentions that kings and queens were very fond of these precious stones and used them extensively. Pliny, a great historian, has also given a detailed account of the then popular beliefs in his treatises regarding gems. In Greek mythology, a gem like amber is believed to have been created from a tear that fell from the eye of a Greek god.

In ancient civilizations including Vedic, Greek and Roman, other civilizations believe that gems protect human life from many diseases and also protect gems from bad influences and evil spirits.

Indian medical science Ayurveda also uses gems in powdered form to remove general weakness and treat many diseases. Gemstones are believed to strengthen the immune system.

Gemmology and types of gems
Human beings have been influenced by these small bits of mineral wealth for centuries. Gemology or the study of this natural resource uses science, geography and history to learn about gems, their formation process, their structure and their properties. This is the reason that accurate information is now available about the mineral composition and 3D crystalline structure of very rare gems.

The advancement of technology and science has solved many problems and today we have vast and comprehensive information about gems. Apart from this, many gems and their cheap substitutes are being manufactured artificially in laboratories. These gems are carefully cut and polished to make them perfect, perfect and flawless.

What are gems?
How are gems made? How are they given their special luster and their colour?

If we talk from the scientific side in the context of gems, then most of the gems are formed by the same natural conditions or they have the same hardness and dense mineral complexity like other rocks and stones. However, a natural stone or crystal has to have a regular internal structure, smooth structure, lustrous and superior transparency, attractiveness and possess a certain tint/color/lustre (usually), etc., to qualify as a gemstone. And, the rarity of the occurrence makes the glistening intensities of the stone special and precious.

As mentioned earlier, most gemstones are natural inorganic minerals with a definite chemical composition and a regular internal crystal structure. However, there are some precious gems, such as pearls and amber, that come from organic sources, that is, from plants and animals. That’s why they are known as organic gems.

That’s why there are three main types of gems.

Minerals / rocks
Gemstones are basically minerals, which are found in rocks or obtained from rocks in the form of gem gravels. Most of the gems fall under this category. Gemstone

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