Indian name of Pearl – Moti
The English name pearl is derived from the French perle, which is derived from the Latin word parana, a genus or variety of shell. Round and soft pearls are considered ideal pearls. However, other sizes of pearls are also found. Good quality natural pearls are known to have been very valuable since ancient times. They have been used as gems or as cosmetics.

SG – 2.60-2.78. RI – 1.53-1.68. Hardness – 3.5.

Pearls last less than other gems because pearls are very easily affected by acid, dryness and moisture. Since time immemorial, the pearl gemstone has been seen as a symbol of beauty and purity. Pure Modi is a soft and shiny round gemstone, which is found inside the shell of oyster and is a species of bivalve mollusk. Rare pearls are highly valued as precious gems. Pearls can be white, black, red, blue, brown, pale yellow or pink in colour.

Natural pearl is almost 100% calcium carbonate and conchiolin. According to information, natural pearls are formed under accidental circumstances. When a microscopic invader or parasite enters between a snail and lives within the shell. This process affects the environment inside the snail and it is during this struggle that the pearl comes into existence. However, this requires repeated procedures over a long period of time. Natural pearls are found in different sizes and it is rare to find round shaped pearls.

The main and vast source of pearls is the Persian Gulf. Apart from this, pearls are also found on the coasts of Sri Lanka, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Pacific Islands, Venezuela, Red Sea, Panama and South India. Australia is the largest producer of pearls after Indonesia and the Philippines. The Red Sea, Gulf of California and Florida are famous for oyster pearls. The price of natural pearls is ten times more than that of cultured pearls, because the luster of rare natural pearls is very attractive.

Wearing a pearl has the following benefits.

  • Strengthens the brain.
  • Memory power increases.
  • Helps in controlling anger.
  • There is an increase in self-confidence.
  • There is an increase in wealth.
  • Helps protect against tuberculosis, fever, epilepsy, diabetes, insomnia, eye and uterus problems.

Are you infatuated with this beautiful and alluring pearl? You can wear it in various forms. Pearls have always been a part of fashion. Apart from this, almost all people can wear pearl. But pearl gives more benefits to those people, whose birthstone is pearl.

Astrological significance
Zodiac – Cancer. Planet – Moon. Day – Monday or Thursday evening.

Oyster pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. Apart from this, it has also been considered as the birthstone for Gemini and Cancer sun signs. It is believed that the natives who wear pearls get the support of love, wealth, security and luck. Moon is the lord of pearls. According to Vedic astrologer, they should wear pearl stone, in whose horoscope Moon is the lord of auspicious house. Oyster pearls are presided over by various deities, such as dark pearls by Vishnu, moon by Indra, black by Yamraj, red by Vayu, yellow by Varuna and more brilliant gems by Agni.

Interesting Fact – In Hindu society, the bride often wears a pearl in her nose, so that she can enjoy a happy married life and live a happy life forever. If you also want to invite peace and good fortune, then you can buy authentic and high quality pearls from us.

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