Acharya Shandilya


By the grace of God and his father, Acharya Shandilya can understand the Karmic influence of the planets and can promptly suggest specific remedial measures to tone down the malefic effects of the planets and helps in living a good life.


He is focused on offering remedial measures to individuals of any age, in living a happy life.


Acharya Shandilya is born in a Brahmin family, and his father was an excellent palmist and an astrologer. He was inclined to the field of astrology during his high school days and was taught the basics of Vedic Astrology by his father. Additionally, his father helped him in understanding the influence of the planets and that our life is 'Karmic'.


12 years


Family, finance, relationship and career guidance


Reading, listening to music and travelling


Reading being one of his hobbies; he started his career by understanding Vedic astrology during his high school days. His father helped him in understanding the basics of Vedic Astrology. In his opinion, every event that is happening in our life is "Karmic." It is in the influence of the planetary combinations according to the time of our birth. We can very well understand our life based on our horoscope. Our horoscope is the result of the “Karmic events” that we have done in our previous birth. Even science believes that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, astrology helps us in understanding the reason behind the events that we are experiencing in our lives. Acharya Shandilya has helped many individuals in resolving career, finance and relationship related issues. After completing his B.Sc (Chemistry) and PGDCA (computer science), his inclination towards astrology has helped him in making a career in astrology. .

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