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Feelings of sadness and gloom lasting more than fifteen days at a stretch is known as depression. Your thoughts, feelings, interactions with others, and approach to daily living may all be impacted. It may result in unhappiness and a decline in interest or enjoyment in previously enjoyed activities. Depression can affect everyone and can strike at any age, but it typically strikes in adolescence.

Why do you experience depression?

When you feel depressed, there may occasionally be an immediate explanation, but other times there isn’t. It could be a result of disappointment or frustration, or it might be a result of losing something or someone. There are typically several factors that contribute to depression, and each person’s factors will be unique.

Depression frequently arises for the following reasons:

  • Stressful life experiences

Life’s difficult experiences can wear us down. Momentous events in our lives, such as divorce, unhappy families, or job loss, might affect our mood.

  • Bereavement

Losing a close family member or friend can raise the danger. Depression sometimes results from our response to loss rather than the loss itself. If you don’t properly grieve or express your emotions, they can accumulate and cause sadness.

  • Early life experiences

Your adult life may be impacted by your childhood experiences. Growing up with issues is possible if you had physical or emotional abuse or were not taught how to handle challenges that came into your life.


Depression can negatively affect a variety of areas of your life, including but not exclusive to: Relationships, job, interests, and a general feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment

Suicidal and self-destructive thoughts are additional indicators that your illness is growing worse. If you go through these, you ought to look for expert assistance.

Many people may think it’s impossible to manage their depression, but the sooner assistance is sought, the better. The sickness may go away on its own in certain instances. However, this is not always the case, and there is a chance that having the illness can seriously compromise your health and well-being on an emotional and physical level. As a result, many depressed individuals choose to receive treatment.

  • Anger

Depression and the concept of “frozen fury” are connected concepts. You might have experienced something that made you upset, but you weren’t able to articulate yourself well at the time. When this kind of rage is repressed, it can fester and lead to depression.

  • Circumstances

The syndrome can be exacerbated by feeling isolated, stressed, physically weary, and/or lacking social support.

  • Alcohol

Regularly abusing alcohol can increase your risk of acquiring depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

A person will have a certain amount of sadness that will endure for weeks and remain in a consistent mood the entire day. The person often goes into a state of mind where they may not be able to enjoy activities in which they would normally find enjoyment. An individual may lose sleep or may sleep significantly more. There can be a drastic weight loss or gain.

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Signs and Symptoms of Depression

How can help?

Speaking with a family member is different from speaking with a psychologist or a therapist. The confidentiality of their clients is their top priority, and these therapists are well-versed in a variety of techniques. They have the ability to look at things from a very neutral perspective without any preconceived opinions or making assumptions or judgments about the client based on the information they are sharing.

Benefits of Addiction Counseling

Counseling has several benefits for patients. Counseling for addiction can assist in identifying the root causes of addiction and assisting a person in developing coping skills. Counseling also helps many people with their mental health. The capacity to be heard in a nonjudgmental environment and address issues rather than burying them can have a good effect in a variety of spheres of life. There are many reasons why individuals attend therapy, ranging from enhanced interpersonal interactions to improved mental health.


How can connect with a Therapist

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