Rabbits are the luckiest of all the twelve Sun signs. Rabbit men may often be tagged as gentleman because of their chivalrous and courteous nature. Calm and cool-headed, the Rabbits are kind and gentle with people, especially with those whom they love. They detest conflicts or quarrels. Probably, that’s the reason that they are harmless in their actions, and seldom lose their temper or use harsh words. Highly strong willed and organised, a Rabbit knows how to do advance planning and that is the reason why they usually lead a systematic life. Moreover, their ability to carry out right actions at the right time works as an added advantage. However, their peculiar trait of unrealistic thinking and hyper-sensitivity towards certain situations often hamper their growth. Smart and warm-hearted, a Rabbit female is a great person to be friends with. She makes an excellent shopping companion, who would give you tips on the latest trends. This generous and kind lady would not think twice before forgiving you for a hideous crime. But don’t mistake to be saints! These ladies are materialistic and prefer to lead a comfortable life in a harmonious home environment.

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Rat-Rat Compatibility
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
Born under the same animal sign, these two possess similar traits. However, they may fail to see eye to eye sometimes, especially if one of them is a bit too much for the other. For example, t

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