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PC World Award – 2008

  • Best Design
  • Best Technology Usage
  • Overall Winner

Winner of Best Website (Category: Astrology)

We are happy to let you know that GaneshaSpeaks.com has been adjudged the Best Astrology Website by the prestigious PC World Web Awards 2008. GaneshaSpeaks.com was the overall winner since it was the winner in the Best Design and the Best Technology Usage categories.

Winner of Best Website (Category: Astrology)

“Indians have always had a fascination with fortune readers and astrologers, relying on them, for the minutest details about their future. Now, the future is just a click away (literally) with lots of sites offering a wide range of options in one platform.

From the top sites that our panel evaluated, Ganesha Speaks came out as the clear winner because of its visually appealing design, comprehensive sections with rich depth, very good use of technology to enhance user experience, error handling, and high level of security. It is also highly customized for Indian users with topics ranging from Vedic astrology, Sade Sati, Ghat Chakra, Mangal/Shani Dosha Report to Hindu almanac details.

Coming in a distant second was Astro Yogi – it lost out on the technology and functionality front with its basic layout, basic error handling, less interactivity, and low security. But it did fairly well in terms of scope with a wide range of topics on offer.

Although ShreeVedic was way behind the first two and coming in fourth after IndAstro, it scored well in the end-user section because of its vast scope and interactivity features like support for submitting queries and a working forum. The simple layout and ease of navigation also makes it a very user-friendly site.

All the astrology sites evaluated provide a good platform to check on various aspects of astrology but a better search option for easily searching through various topics was what the panel thought was missing.”