Name – The English name for opal comes from the Latin opalus, which means ‘ornamental’. According to another information, the word opal comes from the Sanskrit word upal, which means precious stone.

Indian – Opal

Composition – According to the information, opal is a type of metal gel which gets collected in the crevices of any type of rock at low temperature. It can usually be found among limestone, sandstone, igneous rock, marl and basalt.

Source – Australia is the largest producer of opal. About 97% of the world’s opal is produced in this country. Apart from this, opal is also produced in Czechoslovakia, America, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. Apart from this, in the year 2008, NASA announced the discovery of Opal on Mars.

Color Availability – Opal gemstone is basically colourless, but this type of high quality gemstone is very rare. Apart from this, due to some impurities, opal is found in different light colors. Available in red color due to iron oxide and black color due to manganese oxide and organic carbon. Also available in other colors.

SG – 2.10. RI – 1.37-1.47. Hardness – 6.

Opal has a high specific gravity, so it is heavier than an ordinary stone of the same size.

Astrological directions
Zodiac – Libra. Planet – Venus. Day – Fri.

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Wearing opal stone gives the following benefits:

Financial condition improves.
Sexual power increases.
There is an increase in imaginary creative power.
Promotes good concentration and mental calmness.
Provides physical fitness and keeps bad dreams away.
Gives success, popularity and respect to a person.

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Interesting Fact – According to an estimate, opal gemstones are around 60 million years old, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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