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Name – The word Onyx is of Greek language, which means fine stripes like veins. Onyx is also called by the same name in India.

SG – 2.61. RI – 1.53-1.54. Hardness – 7.

Onyx is a semi-precious variety of the silica mineral agate, which is striated.

Composition – This gemstone is found all over the world. Onyx comes into existence from the sediment of silica mineral, which occurs in the gas cavity of lava. Due to this, there are many stripes on the stone. Onyx is made from multicolored strips of chalcedony. The definition of Chalcedony comes from Chalcedon, an ancient port on the Sea of Marmora. In Greek, the word onyx is also used for nails or claws. There is an interesting story in this regard.

Goddess Venus is said to have been resting on the banks of the Indus River. While the goddess Venus was sleeping, the god of love cut her nails with the tip of his arrow into a beautiful shape. During this the cut parts of his nails fell in the river and later emerged as Onyx.

This gem is considered as the birthstone for Leo natives. Apart from this, this stone is also acceptable as an anniversary stone, so it is given as a gift on the seventh wedding anniversary. Onyx stamps were very popular with the Romans. The sardonyx version has more shades of red than black. Perhaps this gemstone is most popular in black.

Benefits of wearing Onyx Gemstone –

  • Spirituality is encouraged.
  • Helps to control emotions.
  • Eliminates negative emotions.
  • Conscience empowers power.
  • Provides protection to heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail.

Onyx is a protective gemstone. That’s why in ancient times this gem was used to protect oneself during the war. Indians and Persians believe that wearing it can ward off the evil eye. There is also such a belief that if this gem is kept on the stomach of a pregnant woman, then she does not have to bear much pain during childbirth. Apart from this, the help of this stone can be obtained in controlling sexual impulses.

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Astrologers also use this stone as a remedial stone to bring sweetness and harmony in marital relationships. Black Onyx is responsible for a slow, grounded and steady frequency. It is said that wearing this gives strength to determination, stamina and energy. The wearer also communicates enthusiasm, which is reflected in his behavior.

According to an ancient magic lore, the manifestation of a demon is imprisoned inside this gem. This demon wakes up at night and spreads terror. Due to this man gets bad dreams, which disturb him. However, this gemstone is used to ward off black magic.

Today, onyx is a commonly used gemstone for ornamental jewelry because it provides an attractive and attractive black background that pops with every color. For this reason it is used for different purposes.

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Interesting fact – Onyx was used on a large scale in the Romans to make coins. Apart from this, it is also believed that if you gift this gemstone to your life partner on the seventh anniversary of your marriage, then you get luck.

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