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My Life Reports

2021 Reports

2021 astrological reports is all about throwing a priceless insight into diverse areas of your life. They present accurate and personalised predictions on how you are going to perform in career,business, finance, love life and so on. Buying these astrological reports will help you solve life's complicated problems and grace you with huge success and happiness. So, listen to what the stars say and light up your life.

2021 Career Report

Detailed Advise For Your Career.

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Career & Business

Bank on us to achieve your aspirations. You need to get the pulse of the people right, especially when you're doing business. You need to know what they like, what they dislike, what are the factors that drive them to purchase one thing, and reject another. In this age of cut-throat competition, it is always wise to stay a step ahead of your rivals by not only innovating, but also by streamlining your existing resources in the most economical way. Same for career. A little advance knowledge about what the future may hold, or what the stars foretell for your professional career can be of immense help.

Suitable Career/ Business Field for you

Are you in a profession that's made for you! Want to know? We can help!

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Janampatri & Birth Chart

This report touches upon all areas of your life. Based on your birth-chart, this report prepared by the expert astrologers of will unfold every house and planet in your horoscope to predict details about the major areas of your life. Additionally, this report will also provide predictions about all the (dashas). You can use this report to understand your own self and plan your future. Whatever you wish to know about yourself, you will find out how your chart pans out in the future, so that you can make the best of the good times, and prepare yourself for the worst.

Premium Janampatri

Decode the code of Successful Life !

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Current Transits

Know how the major planetary transits are going to influence you. The major reports covered in this section are Saturn Transit Report, Saturn Transit Ask A Question, Jupiter Transit Report, 2017 Eclipses, Solar Eclipse Ask A Question, Rahu-Ketu Transit Report, Sade Sati Report, Super Stellium Report. You will get to know, among other things, how the planets will treat you. Will they bring you good fortune or bad? Will they restrict your progress or hasten it? Find out how you can erase the ill-effects of the planets and go full-throttle during the good phases.

Saturn Transit Report

How will the mighty Saturn - the planet of wealth, fortune, finances and wisdom - affect your life?

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Wealth & Property

Professional guidance to help you achieve stability. This is an extremely accurate and detailed report, charting out your financial prospects month by month. It can greatly help you in your financial planning. Moreover, this report will give you some valuable advice, and thus help you overcome the possible obstacles in your path. The report will provide you with your financial highlights for the year. This is an extremely accurate and detailed report, charting out your financial prospects month by month. It can greatly help you in your financial planning, and help you overcome the possible obstacles in your path.

Property disputes

Put an end to Anxiety and Uncertainty...

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Marriage & Children

Valuable relationship management advice. It's all there in your Horoscope! We will see to it that you get to know all you want to know about your marriage prospects, and then some more. Your Horoscope will tell you how your prospective spouse would be, and whether yours will be a love or an arranged marriage. Negative planetary influences may cause delays, difficulties and obstacles in your marriage. The Report will also throw light on how your rapport will be with your children, whether they will be good at studies, and if they have problems focusing on studies how to set it right.

Kundali Matching-Premium

Are you and your partner made for each other ?

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Relationship & Compatibility

Love problems need careful handling. They also say there's a woman behind every man's success or failure (or vice versa), which makes it extremely important to know how compatible you will be with your partner. Get answers to all your questions related to love and relationships in this personalized report. You will be provided astrological highlights in your and your beloved's horoscopes, how compatible the relationship will be, whether it will last over the long run, or whether it will fizzle out, and you will also be provided with remedies to overcome obstacles that you are likely to face on this front.

Compatibility Assessment Reading

What is the future of your relationship ? Is it meant to be or will it break ?

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Birthday Report

Your Birthday Report is an exclusive report by which gives you detailed insights about the astrological trends in the year ahead. Your birthday is a very significant day as the Sun returns to its natal position in your birth chart, recreating the same cosmic energy present at the time of your birth. Based on the 'Varshphala' system, this report will provide you the crucial time frames and the overall potential that the year ahead has. This report will be your most powerful guide for the year ahead. Besides, it is also an ideal gift that you can give you your loved ones.

Your Birthday Report- Premium

Understand the challenges, eventful periods and find the direction for the next year.

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Love & Sex

Soulmates or not? How will your love life shape up? Will it be hot or cool -- or cold? Unable to find your knight in shining armor? Will your love life be stable or unstable? This and all your questions about your love life will be addressed by our expert astrologers with over a decade long experience in solving love and sex related problems. This report will provide you with a detailed analysis of your love prospects with eventful periods and free remedial suggestions to get better prospects. So don't delay, and just go for it!

Love Prospect Report

When will you find love? We have the answer!

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Why Reports?

The science of astrology has been in existence for thousands of years. The aim is to make a conscious attempt to measure, record and predict objective and subjective events by studying the positions of the heavenly bodies at any given time. Changing with the times, has taken this science of astrology to the online world, by providing personalized daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions based on planetary positions and horoscopes. Besides, specific areas of life including Career, Finances, Business, Love, Educational, Personal and Property are astutely addressed with customised, tailor-made solutions and reports by team. The erudite team of astrologers at has...

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