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Sapphire Gemstone



The word sapphire comes from the Greek sapphire, which means blue stone.

SG – 4.00. RI – 1.76-1.77. Hardness – 9.

Shiny like glass and second after diamond, a very beautiful and precious gem with the second hardness is known to humanity. Topaz and Sapphire are the most commonly used sapphires. Sapphire represents wisdom and royal pride. This gemstone is kept in the category of best gems.

  • Color Availability – Blue color of this gemstone is the best. Apart from this, it is available in yellow, gold and orange colours. The colorless type of gemstone is called White Sapphire.
  • Formation – Amethyst is found in pegmatite.
  • Source – Amethyst is mined in Thailand and Australia while dark blue stone is obtained from Nigeria. Apart from this, sapphire is also produced in Montana USA, Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi and Colombia.

During the ancient and medieval times, sapphire was seen as a symbol of hope and faith and it was believed that wearing it brings prosperity as well as spirituality. This gemstone represents power and strength, however, wearing it also evokes a sense of kindness and fairness.

According to Greek lore, sapphire was worn for knowledge, although according to Buddhism, sapphire encourages devotion and spirituality. Hindus consider this gem as one of the great gems and believe in offering it as prasad in temples, so that there is an effective astrological balance. However, in Christianity, it was used in church related rings and kings used to install it to protect their powers.

Astrological Significance – Zodiac – Capricorn. Planet – Saturn. Day – Saturday

Benefits – There are following benefits of wearing Sapphire.

  • By wearing this one attains knowledge, loyalty, discipline, spiritual achievement through humility, patience, dedication and detachment.
  • Strengthens the ability to lead.
  • Long life is attained.
  • Sapphire provides relief to the wearer from paralysis, asthma, problems of teeth and bones etc.

If you know that Sapphire is favorable for you or your birth stone is Sapphire, then you can wear it. However, keep in mind that always buy this gem from a reliable place because its imitation is available in the market, which will look like sapphire, but its functionality will not be that of sapphire. While buying a gemstone, it is very important to see its clarity, size and weight. If you want, you can buy this priceless Sapphire Gemstone from here, which is 100% authentic.

Legend has it that sapphire was once worn as a talisman. It is said to maintain purity, detect deceit, deceit and provide protection from poison, plague, fever and skin diseases. Black magic also does not have much effect on the wearer. This stone removes eye problems and increases concentration. There is also such a belief that if an unrighteous person wears it, then its positive powers end.

In the modern era, this beautiful gem is worn for increasing knowledge. Wearing it increases the learning ability as well as has a positive effect on mental sharpness and intuition. For those who are interested in spirituality, this stone is very good for them. By wearing this stone, one gets mental peace and the conscience of the person works in the right direction. The third eye can also be awakened with the help of this stone, which develops insight. The lovely blue colored gemstone symbolizes love, commitment and loyalty and is also used as an engagement ring. However, in the event of divorce or separation, it is advisable to remove the sapphire jewellery, which may have been provided by the life partner as this gemstone encourages the factors causing stress.

  • Interesting Fact – The best sapphire in India is of blue color, which is found in Kashmir. Also in the medieval era the sapphire was known as a symbol of the peace of heaven. Wearing it encourages peace and gentleness.

Keep in mind that not every gemstone can be favorable to every person and unfavorable gems sometimes give unfavorable results, so before wearing the gemstone, you must study your birth chart, so that you do not have to fall prey to bad effects. If you want, talk to an astrologer, you can take advantage of the service and you can make your life happy by wearing a gemstone according to your birth chart. Apart from this, you can get information about other important solutions with the help of the ‘Remedial Solutions for Personal Life’ report.