Marriage & Children


It is very important to marry the right person!

An old joke goes, if you get married to the right person, then you are “complete” and if you don’t you are “finished”! On a more serious note, since marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, it is important to find the right person to settle down with. Our astrologers can help you decide. And, if you have been waiting to hold that curious, cuddly bundle of joy, our astrologers shall bring you the best advice too.

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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

17-05-2015 to 23-05-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions
Marriage And Children
The North Node’s (Rahu) ongoing transit through the Zodiac Sign Libra is indicative of some or the other issues in the marital sphere for most of you. In case you are facing tough times on the marital front, you may order our product – Marital Problems, and implement the suggested personalised remedies to reduce the stress and struggle in your marital life. Your relationship is likely to go unscathed by this planetary movement, only if the foundation of your marriage is very strong. Also, Ganesha sees another ray of hope in form of the transiting Venus now moving through the compassionate Sign Cancer. Venus is also the ruler of the Zodiac Sign Libra, and this entire cosmic configuration shall bring a great relief for the marital realm, with many of you being more understanding and supportive in your bond. You will also be more willing to help your spouse in dealing with the house-hold and other responsibilities, and vice versa. If you are a parent, you can expect your children to enjoy good success. You should thank Jupiter’s ongoing transit through Leo as well as Sun’s current placement in the Zodiac Sign Taurus. However, towards the end of the week, you might want to restrict your children’s communication with others.