Marriage & Children


It is very important to marry the right person!

An old joke goes, if you get married to the right person, then you are “complete” and if you don’t you are “finished”! On a more serious note, since marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, it is important to find the right person to settle down with. Our astrologers can help you decide. And, if you have been waiting to hold that curious, cuddly bundle of joy, our astrologers shall bring you the best advice too.

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  • Puzzling questions about your child’s future and education
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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

26-07-2015 to 01-08-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions
Marriage and Children
Venus rules the 7th House of the Universal Zodiac. It is going to be traversing in the retrograde motion, during this period, which indicates a potential for plenty of marital problems. Married couples will have to be very patient with their spouses. They must be willing to handle all issues with a cool head, otherwise the situation may worsen so much that it may lead to a break-up! This being a tricky period, try taking your partner to an outstation tour, or try spending some quality time together. During this planetary Stellium in Leo, the chances of conception, however, are good. Those who already have children will find their younger ones overloaded with activities now. If you wish to help your child more by being a better parent, try our personalised service Parenting Profile.