Marriage & Children


It is very important to marry the right person!

An old joke goes, if you get married to the right person, then you are “complete” and if you don’t you are “finished”! On a more serious note, since marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, it is important to find the right person to settle down with. Our astrologers can help you decide. And, if you have been waiting to hold that curious, cuddly bundle of joy, our astrologers shall bring you the best advice too.

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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

01-03-2015 to 07-03-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions –
Marriage And Children
Since the fiery Mars transits in a retrograde motion, through the Sign of Partnership Libra, you will have to be very careful. Since marriage tends to be the most important partnership in our lives, this precious bond will need to be guarded with due care, especially after Tuesday. Aggression and emotions shall rule, but it shall be on you to stay patient and loving, if you are to steer clear of the confrontations, which shall be quite likely, says Ganesha. The matters shall largely be petty, and if both the partners try, they shall manage to sail through the rough weather. Failure in equal and balanced sharing of responsibilities may lead to disputes, so take this as a precaution, and try doing justice to your share of home-work or child-care, if you are a parent. As parents, any way, many of you may remain highly concerned about your child’s/ children’s progress and academics. However, try finding viable solutions, instead of getting into blame games, warns Ganesha. Also, if you have been already facing major issues in your marriage, don’t waste any time, and immediately invest in personalised, Horoscope-based Vedic Astrology guidance – with a report like Marital Problems.