Pisces Weekly Horoscope

(19th February to 20th March)

This Week (30-08-2015 – 05-09-2015)

Smothering the discontent in your family and strengthening finances are likely to be your main areas of concern this week. Ganesha advises you to increase provisions for your family, which is likely to make them feel contended. The ruler of the 2nd House Mars is posited in the 6th House along with retrograde Venus. This indicates that you may have to work hard to get your money which may be stuck somewhere for some reason or the other. Professionals are likely to be hit hard by this effect of planetary alliances. Besides, the influence of Mars and the retrograde Venus over the 12th House (related to expenses) from your Sign, is likely to lead to an increase in the domestic expenditure. Health of an elder member of your family may need immediate attention, this week. Take care! The retrograde Venus may create misunderstandings for the love birds, who are not yet in a committed relationship. If you are looking for romance, this week you may be disappointed by the lack of response from your sweetheart. Has life lately been a roller coaster ride? Don’t you see much happening on any front in your life? Or, is about something else that you can’t share with anyone yet? Well, pour your heart out, as you look for reliable and astute solutions and answers to your troubles — from your very own Personal Horoscope. Ask 3 Personal Questions!

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