Pisces Weekly Horoscope

(19th February to 20th March)

This Week (04-10-2015 – 10-10-2015)

With lesser work load you may now be in a comfortable position at the job front. Moreover, the cordial relationship you share with your colleagues will be like icing on the cake. This week, Mars will be in the 7th House and will aspect the 10th House in which Saturn is currently posited. Fiery Mars shall provide the required agility. Saturn, on the other hand, has a square aspect over the 7th House in which Jupiter and Mars are present. This planetary position may slow down your progress a little. But as Mercury turns direct, businessmen can put their growth plans into action. Although, the week may begin on a good note at the marital front, certain planetary changes may take away the charm very soon. With work keeping you busy all round the week, you may be unable to spend time with your spouse, feels Ganesha. Very obviously, they may first complain and later become indifferent to your presence. It may take the efforts of your in-laws to sort out the issues. It’s October already! A new year is knocking at our doors. Have you started planning your moves for the year 2016? No? Do that NOW with astute guidance from your own Personal Stars. Ask for tailor-made for you 2016 Yearly Report – a complete chronicle of what lies ahead, what to do, when to attempt and when to not! 

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