Pisces Weekly Horoscope

(19th February to 20th March)

This Week (02-08-2015 – 08-08-2015)

With Moon posited in your Sign, your basic traits are likely to come to the fore, says Ganesha. You are likely to heed your intuition for the direction to follow to reach your goals. Unless you are attuned to your Self, you may not be able to understand your intuition, though. Your Sign being dual natured, it may take you some time to reach a firm decision. With a cluster of four planets in the 6th House, related to adversity, you may face myriad obstructions. However, with the position of Saturn in the 9th House, you are likely to move ahead towards your goals. To help you in this regard, Jupiter aspects its own Sign, in the 10th House related to ‘Karma’. Progressive forces are at work this week. You may face hurdles, which is normal, when you are moving ahead. Around Saturday, Mercury enters its own Sign Virgo. Mercury now positions itself in the 7th House from your Sign. The next day, Mars leaves its debilitated Sign, Cancer and enters Leo in the 6th House from your Sign. Jupiter, the greatest of the planets, recently started to transit through Leo, as per Vedic Astrology. This is a very big planetary movement, and is going to really be useful only for few months, i.e. till January 2016. Find how this opportune time can benefit you–as per your Personal Horoscope. Get your very own Jupiter Transit Report.

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