Libra Weekly Horoscope

(23rd September to 23rd October)

This Week (11-10-2015 – 17-10-2015)

The week may not begin on a good not for you owing to the solar eclipse, which is taking place in your Sign. Gear up for a swirl of changes in your personal life. As the stars evoke old memories, you are likely to realise the mistakes you have committed in the past, and you shall now be in a better position to handle issues. Mars in the 12th House and Saturn in the 3rd House are aspecting each other. If you don’t make provision for the rising expenses, you may have to draw from your savings. Moreover, if you have travel plans for this week, either cancel them or be very careful. With the new Moon rising on Tuesday, you shall finally succeed in keeping negative vibes at bay. This is a propitious time for businessmen dealing with companies based abroad and professionals working on offshore projects. Profitable deals shall come your way but make sure you read the fine print of the deal and the terms of payment. Did you experience any relief in the matters of heart in the last one month? Well, if things still look bleak, which they may, given the starry alignments, it’s time to seek expert guidance and solutions. Ask a Love Question (Detailed Answer)to know what the stars say for your love question–basis your Personal Horoscope.

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