18-01-2015 – 24-01-2015

With the new Moon rising and the Sun also changing Sign, Ganesha foretells that you shall make a new beginning on the personal relationship front. Your spouse may differ with your views or priorities, and you will have to handle this situation delicately but candidly. Be compassionate to maintain domestic harmony, and don’t let any bitterness creep into domestic matters. Plan a weekend trip, as this shall strengthen your relationship. On the professional front, things shall move on as usual. However, the period is conducive for a change, and you can start looking for better career options now. On the financial front, the planetary alignments suggest that you will be hard up for cash, and your situation may even get worse with some unexpected expenses on the cards. To handle the situation better, we suggest you try our fully personalised service Wealth Ask 3 Question, which is based on your Natal Chart.

25-01-2015 – 31-01-2015

Ganesha warns that this week you shall have to handle all your relationships, whether personal or professional, with utmost care. Misunderstandings may lead to rifts in the relationships. Don’t hesitate in going out of your way to keep your partner in good humour. But avoid involving friends in personal matters, or things may get worse. But rest assured that this is a passing phase, and things will soon get better. In your office, you may not be able to focus your attention on work. However, a busy schedule awaits you. Meeting deadlines may be difficult, but colleagues shall rally around to help diffuse the pressure. You may, however, be haunted by a feeling that you are not making any progress in your career despite putting in your best efforts, and to find out the solution to this problem, we suggest you check out the personalised product Career Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, which is fully based on your Birth Chart. You may be hard pressed in money matters. However, the only way out shall be to control unnecessary expenses. On the health front, take preventive measures to keep minor ailments at bay.

01-02-2015 – 07-02-2015

Your steady progress in your career this week shall make you feel positive about your future prospects, foretells Ganesha. Around mid-week, the Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter, placed in the 11th House from your Sign. The 11th House relates to gains, but since both Mercury and Jupiter will be transiting in retrograde mode, no noticeable gains may accrue. This retrogression, however, shall provide you with the opportunity to review your strategy and plans for the future. Over the weekend, incidental expenses are likely to increase. On the domestic front, you might experience some uneasy moments. Differences over priorities may strain your relationship for a while, but if you manage to handle things with maturity and patience, the negativities will vanish in a couple of days. The second month of the year 2015 has begun! Will you be able to execute your plans in 2015? Well, if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ – do not wait anymore! Seize Your Future in 2015 – with Detailed, Quarter-wise predictions, which will be generated by an expert Astrologer, basis your unique Personal Horoscope.

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