Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(21st April to 21st May)

This Week (28-06-2015 – 04-07-2015)

With the start of this week, your relationship with your life partner is likely to deteriorate further, making things difficult for you. The indifferent attitude of your better half may make it more difficult to resolve the issue. From around Wednesday, you may be inclined to leave the matter as it is and focus on other relevant issues. You may visit an old-time friend to vent your feelings and relax. Businesspersons are likely to make elaborate plans for venturing into a new territory to expand their business and, in turn, boost earnings. A short-term travel in this context is likely to prove fruitful. Those doing a job may have to work very hard to successfully handle the task entrusted them. But, on a positive note, Ganesha says that you may now be able to use your discretion while spending money. Some extra money is also likely to come your way, either in form of some incentives or returns from investment made earlier. The month is drawing to a close, and it’s time to review your month’s work. Are you unhappy with the way things have been shaping up in your career realm? Is change on the anvil? But, is it the right time to embrace a career change? Consult your Personal Horoscope for a clear cut, reliable answer. Ask a Career Question for Detailed advice.

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