Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(21st April to 21st May)

This Week (22-11-2015 – 28-11-2015)

At the beginning of the week, you shall be in a mood to buy luxuries and may indulge in pleasure seeking activities. This is due to Moon posited in the 12th House, related to expenses, and directly influenced by strong Mars and Venus posited in the 6th House. A noticeable change here is Sun leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius. Sun then positions itself in the 8th House along with Saturn and Mercury. This indicates struggle in the coming days. You may have a tough time resolving issues related to domestic matters. You may be blamed for no fault of yours. Resolve your domestic issues in a mature way. You may need to spend some extra money to provide your dear ones with creature comforts in order to maintain peace in your domestic sphere. With the full Moon shining on Thursday, emotions may run high, but you need to keep your cool and handle things tactfully. Overall, this is not a very encouraging period. This is a generalised weekly prediction, based on your Sun Sign. If you feel lost or stressed, take a step further, and get predictions, tailor-made just for you. Your Horoscope shall be created, using Vedic Astrology principles to arrive at these reliable predictions. Talk to an Astrologer OR get a clear cut answer to your Personal Question (Detailed Answer).

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