Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(21st April to 21st May)

This Week (11-10-2015 – 17-10-2015)

As the wanning Moon nears Rahu and Sun on the very first day of the week, you are likely to feel depressed as well as direction-less. But the new Moon rising on Tuesday, shall bring with it new hope. You may now be able to think of ways to resolve the issues that have been bothering you lately. At the job front, you may perform your duties sincerely but not succeed in impressing your boss. Change in responsibility cannot be ruled out. If you are a businessman, the dip in sales may worry you. But don’t lose hope, you shall soon see your business flourishing; let this temporary phase pass. Although there may be no paucity of money, you may not really be able to save much. And amidst all these happenings, around mid-week, you shall not fail to take out some time for your sweetheart. Good going! In regard to health, heart patients need to be careful this week. Did you experience any relief in the matters of heart in the last one month? Well, if things still look bleak, which they may, given the starry alignments, it’s time to seek expert guidance and solutions. Ask a Love Question (Detailed Answer)to know what the stars say for your love question–basis your Personal Horoscope.

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