22-02-2015 – 28-02-2015

This week you shall act with unprecedented conviction and courage, foretells Ganesha. On the personal and financial fronts, you shall be comfortable. You may wish to buy some luxurious things for the home to provide creature comforts to your near and dear ones. However, avoid indulging in purely pleasure-seeking activities. This is also a good time to buy a vehicle, if you have been eyeing one lately. If you want to buy a house, you may start searching for one which will suit your needs best. At work, you may have to shoulder some extra responsibilities temporarily, due to the absence of a senior person. And, this may work well for you, since your abilities shall be tested, and if you manage to handle things well, you shall get recognition from your bosses. It’s also the time for career appraisals! Are you prepared? What plans you have for your career in the coming times? Clueless? Well, it’s still not too late. Prepare a roadmap for your career with Astrology based, personalised guidance Career Reports that shall be prepared exclusively for you, basis your Personal Horoscope.

01-03-2015 – 07-03-2015

The planets indicate that this week you may have to face a minor setback in business. But Ganesha says you must utilize this time to locate the cracks in your armoury, make amends and start afresh. Revisit your strategy and plug holes for better performance. For professionals, performance at workplace will be below expectations. You will have to remain focused to avoid any major slip ups. Check important papers twice before submitting your task. Those into the customer care industry are also likely to have a hard time trying to pacify dissatisfied customers, while those in the service industry may have difficulty in fixing things properly. Duplication of work can be agonizing at times. On the financial front, there may be some unexpected expenses which may derail your plans to increase your savings. Life’s not easy! But then, who ever promised it would be? We can help you pave a way to a better personal life, and sorted career and business – whatever leaves you in confusion at the moment – with astute, personlised Astrology guidance. Speak to an Astrologer NOW! Or Ask Us Any Questionto get 100% personalised, concise answers and solutions, basis your Personal Horoscope.

08-03-2015 – 14-03-2015

Some impulsive decision you had taken in the past may create problems this week. You may be unsure about a way to come out of this mess, and to add to your discomfort, your life partner may take this opportunity to undermine your ability to handle a crisis. At workplace too, you are likely to have a hard time because of increased workload and impossible deadlines. You may feel like taking leave for a couple of days to recharge your batteries. Ganesha says, you must keep your cool and become more accommodative. By the middle of the week you should succeed in maintaining your composure and start again with renewed vigour. On the monetary front, you shall be comfortable with earlier investments yielding good returns. Waiting for your appraisals? Maybe not! Do you often find yourself wondering – what am I doing in this job? Is and should money be the only motivation? Not really! Any line of work you choose – whether job or business – should be near to your natural strengths, skills and interests, if you are to find true happiness and satisfaction. Find what is Your Destiny as per your Birth Horoscope! Or, get a personalised, Horoscope based reading like Career Prospects ReportOR Career/Business Strengths Report to understand your best work match.

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