Virgo Monthly Horoscope (23rd August to 22nd September)

This Month Feb 2016

At the beginning of the month, you may feel that you have been thrown into a pitiful bottleneck. Too many planetary transits are taking place that shall work in contrasts over your Sign. Jupiter transits in retrograde, Rahu transits in close conjunction with Jupiter, wily Saturn transits through Sagittarius bearing on your Sign, along with Jupiter and Rahu. Here, Rahu could goad you to assert yourself, making you yearn for recognition, while Saturn may push you to keep a low profile. As an outcome of these influences, you will mature professionally and build up fortitude to face new challenges, points out Ganesha. There will be a down-slide in performance in career matters, though. Criticism will come your way thick and fast. Your best bet for the moment would be to pay heed to sage advice and convey to your boss what’s assailing you. Do that you will bounce back with greater efficiency and determination, says Ganesha. Mid-month, you may be overcome by a strong desire to visit a religious place, where you could soak in the serene surroundings and soothe your nerves. This could be attributed to exalted Moon. However, in all likelihood, your plans will get shelved, as you are likely to get engulfed by high pressure work scenario at the last moment. Any way, around the last week, you may be feeling quite ambitious—largely to your disadvantage. As Venus enters Aquarius, singles could have a hard time building or maintaining serious long term relationships. Married life too looks set to be in the doldrums, all through the month. The whimsical attitude of your spouse will annoy you. There seems to be little compatibility and plenty of disillusionment in the air, at this moment. You could even have an extra marital affair here to satisfy sensual urges. By the end of the month, news of encouraging returns from investments made earlier will cheer you up, though. You will be able to spend on some enjoyable outings with your family, informs Ganesha. Businessmen could suffer a setback, however, due to faulty goods, alerts Ganesha. Reduce your margins, somewhat, to deal with the rising competition. Thankfully, your financial position will be sound to withstand any delays and such troubles. Those keen to buy a house should firm up decisions now as planetary transits will be conducive to take loans. As the month ends, the ruler of your Sign, Mercury enters its Sign of debilitation Pisces – time to be careful in logical and intellectual matters as well in all sorts of communications.

Important Dates
5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24

Tips : You may be in a dilemma; blame it on planets and wrestle your way out of this ‘mental’ limbo. The more you stay in this confusion, the more held back you shall be. Have confidence in your gut feeling/ calculation and surge ahead. Draw an action plan, after careful deliberation. Speak to an expert or confide in a trusted one. Face criticism with a positive perspective. You are not perfect – no one can’t be, so take it in the right spirit. Health will need acute care in the 2nd fortnight. Do not stress at all.