Jan 2015

With Venus entering Pisces in the 7th House from your Sign, this week shall bring some positive influences in your life, especially on the domestic front. You shall enjoy some pleasant moments with your spouse. Singles are likely to enjoy the company of your partners. And, those who haven’t yet found your soul-mate might find one soon. To know more about your love prospects, check out the thoroughly personalised service Romance Potential Reading, which is based on your Natal Chart. You shall also be quite fortunate in financial matters, as some extra money is likely to come your way. Those in the business of hospitality and food products shall see their profits soaring, as you may attract quite a few high-worth clients. Professionals too shall experience a very comfortable time at your workplace, and shall be able to manage routine affairs efficiently. On the health front, you will get a lot of relief from niggling ailments.

Feb 2015

You shall be in a very generous mood during the initial stages of the month, and you will not hesitate in donating funds to charitable organisations. You will, however, have to check this tendency, or else your savings may take a severe dent. It is all the more important to increase your reserves of savings because Ganesha foresees some unexpected expenses later in the month. If you are a businessman and have made your strategies meticulously, you are in for a favourable month. On the professional and personal fronts, things may be a bit dull, and you may long for something exciting to happen. If you are single but committed to a relationship, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with your beloved in the earlier part of the month. To improve your bonding further, check out the personalised report Your Passion Equation prepared by our panel of expert astrologers based on your Birth Chart. In the second half of the month, you will gain a lot of mental clarity, and will be able to take judicious decisions which will benefit you in the long run.

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