Taurus Nature

You are the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, with the Bull as your symbol. Though the charging Bull represents power and strength, don’t let the symbolism confuse you – You can be rather soft and sophisticated in your nature. Just like a bull is docile until it is tempted, you are also easy-going till the time you are provoked or instigated. You are known for your determination, though, and there is not much that can distract you from your goals. You give a lot of importance to simplicity and stability in life, though many others around you may find you boring and lacking in excitement. You simply refuse to take unnecessary risks that can jeopardise your stability. You also attach a lot of significance to creature comforts, and can be quite materialistic, but this is what gives you that pragmatic touch. Though you cannot exactly be called an extrovert, you can be an excellent friend. You tend to assume the role of protector and guide to the friends who are close to you. Outlined here are merely generalised traits. For a more detailed and personalised Birth Chart based sketch of your nature as well as what’s in store for you in the future, you might like to Get Your Horoscope Analysis report.

Taurus Key Planet: Venus
The key planet for you Bulls is Venus, the planet of love, both idealistic and worldly. You tend to get swept off your feet by romance and beauty. When you see a beautiful painting or any other work or art and appreciate it, you may be sure it is the effect of Venus. You are sensual and simple, and have a keen eye for all that is beautiful in the world. When it boils down to relationships, you believe in long-term ties and often have a happy and stable marriage. You long for peace and harmony, and will rarely venture out of your relationship.

Second House: Possessions
The Second House symbolises everything in the world that is of any value to you, both material and non-material things. Personal possessions and money are definitely in its domain. Property and human relationships are both important. And, when you think about what is the most important thing to you — your own set of values — you are indeed being influenced by your Second House. Do you know what a House is? Anand Sagar Pathak explains in detail – Houses in a Horoscope – What is their significance?

Taurus Element: Earth
Your Element is Earth, and just like the other signs of Earth are noted for their practicality, you too are extremely down to earth in your approach towards life. You believe in facing life as it is and there is no escaping from reality. Your practical nature provides great support to the other Zodiac signs which are of emotional nature.

Taurus Strength:
A pragmatic outlook on life is your forte. Some of your other strengths are reliability, consistency, loyalty, patience and generosity.

Taurus Weakness:
Your most prominent weakness is possessiveness, especially when involved in love affairs. Some of your other negative characteristics are stubbornness, laziness, being too materialistic and selfish. It is advisable that you avail Chart your Destiny report, a 100 percent personalised analysis of your unique Birth Chart, and know your actual strengths and weaknesses. You may also want to read about Taurus Traits.