Leo Weekly Horoscope

(23rd July to 22nd August)

This Week (04-10-2015 – 10-10-2015)

The Lions are spendthrifts when it comes to pampering and entertaining themselves and also those close to them. It is because of this characteristic of yours that you may burn a hole in your pocket at the very beginning of the week. Spend wisely, warns Ganesha. Thankfully, around mid-week, work is likely to keep you busy owing to the position of Moon, which is nearing Venus, the ruler of the 10th House of karma. On Friday, Venus shall transit from Leo to Virgo. Debilitated Venus may make you sound skeptic and arrogant while expressing your views. So, think twice before you say anything. However, presence of Venus in the 2nd House spells well for money matters. As Mercury turns direct in motion at the end of the week, you may leap into action. It’s the right time to implement plans as progressive forces are likely to work effectively, this time around. It’s October already! A new year is knocking at our doors. Have you started planning your moves for the year 2016? No? Do that NOW with astute guidance from your own Personal Stars. Ask for tailor-made for you 2016 Yearly Report – a complete chronicle of what lies ahead, what to do, when to attempt and when to not! 

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