Leo Weekly Horoscope

(23rd July to 22nd August)

This Week (30-08-2015 – 05-09-2015)

Finance and family related issues are likely to be in focus this week. With two major planets, Jupiter and Sun posited in the 2nd House, expect more guests at home. Entertaining them will entail extra expenses. Besides, you also need to increase your monthly provisions for your family. Investment made earlier are likely to fetch encouraging returns. Happily, this will offset the increase in expenses. In job, the influence of Saturn over the 6th House related to employment, means you may have to work harder and for longer hours to handle the heavy workload heaped on you. This will call for a lot of self-discipline. Fresh graduates stand a good chance to land a decent job. Retrograde Venus, posited in Leo, does not seem to favour romance, so if you are hunting for that ‘someone special’, have patience. Venus posited in Leo becomes less expressive anyways. So bide your time till Venus is more favourably posited. Has life lately been a roller coaster ride? Don’t you see much happening on any front in your life? Or, is about something else that you can’t share with anyone yet? Well, pour your heart out, as you look for reliable and astute solutions and answers to your troubles — from your very own Personal Horoscope. Ask 3 Personal Questions!

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