05-04-2015 – 11-04-2015

The stars look set to favour businessmen, as many of their projects may come to fruition this week. Jupiter, which turns direct from Thursday, will also back your efforts toward progress, this week. Jupiter, though, in your Sign may not be very favourable for mundane things. It will, on the other hand, give impetus to activities such as higher learning and meditation. This is, therefore, a good time to evolve spiritually and balance all of this with professional work. Domestic matters may need your attention now. You can bank on the support of your spouse or loved ones in your efforts to enhance your family equations and domestic happiness. Incidentally, suggestions from close friends may help you maintain your peace of mind and think clearly in the right direction. On the health front, you are likely to catch a viral infection/ fever, so take appropriate precautionary measures. Life’s not easy! But then, who ever promised it would be? We can help you pave a way to a better personal life, and sorted career and business – whatever leaves you in confusion at the moment – with astute, personlised Astrology guidance. Speak to an Astrologer NOW! Or Ask Us Any Questionto get 100% personalised, concise answers and solutions, basis your Personal Horoscope.

12-04-2015 – 18-04-2015

The planetary configurations this week indicate that businessmen will be able to assess the ground realities correctly. While expanding territory or adding a new product, this newly acquired commercial perspective is likely to help you tremendously. You will also become wiser in managing money matters and avoiding wasteful expenses. As a negative, Venus placed in the 11th House from your Sign may lead to distraction, and if you’re not careful, you may miss out on some good opportunities to make monetary gains. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you may tale appropriate measures, for example friends must be told clearly not to call on you during working hours unless it’s urgent. Professionals, any how, will tend to be more practical than fanciful at this time. On the academic front, Ganesha advises students to brace up for disappointing results, if they fail to put in requisite efforts. Waiting for your appraisals? Maybe not! Do you often find yourself wondering – what am I doing in this job? Is and should money be the only motivation? Not really! Any line of work you choose – whether job or business – should be near to your natural strengths, skills and interests, if you are to find true happiness and satisfaction. Find what is Your Destiny as per your Birth Horoscope! Or, get a personalised, Horoscope based reading like Career Prospects ReportOR Career/Business Strengths Report to understand your best work match.

19-04-2015 – 25-04-2015

At the beginning of the week, the cosmos will favour you, especially if you have been consciously making efforts to achieve higher growth. For businessmen, Ganesha assures that this will be a good time for striking big deals and contracts. At work too, you shall be able to meet your targets effortlessly. Freelancers, too, will get lucrative assignments. At this time, you need to consolidate your financial position by making the most of the opportunities coming your way. Manufacturers should succeed in introducing a new product, while professionals are likely to enjoy a good rapport with their superiors. Since, overall things shall be going on smoothly, you might also start thinking in terms of investments in blue-chip securities or long-term bonds to secure your and your family’s future. Go ahead, but read and consider carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Another financial year is nearing its end! What should be your plan? Will you be able to expand your money pool? What exactly should you do to salvage your dire money situation? Seek help from your Personal Stars! Basis your Birth Details, our Astrologers will create your Personal Horoscope for the next 12 months, which will help them bring you unique answers and solutions. Plan a long term picture with a 5 Year Wealth Report, OR Ask a Wealth Question (Detailed Advice)to get answer to your questions. You may also plan your investments for the next FY with personalised Investment Advice.

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