22-03-2015 – 28-03-2015

In your hurry to meet deadlines, this week you may be tempted to take a few shortcuts. You may also be on the lookout for earning some extra income through part-time work to meet your domestic and personal needs. However, Ganesha cautions you against taking any risks. For now, it would be best that you enjoy your work, and try your best to improve your performance. Do not compromise on your values or ethics in order to earn a fast buck. Certain planetary positions are not in favour of harmony in domestic life, so be very careful about avoiding any kind of arguments with your near and dear ones. Also, be aware of your own limitations, but be positive, have faith in the Almighty, and rest assured that nothing will go wrong. The stars indicate a job change or rising work dissatisfaction for most Signs this week. What’s on your mind? Whatever, it may be, it shall pay to remain careful and measured, before you take a major decision like a job change. On the other hand, there’s no point in sticking to a job that doesn’t do anything for you any more…So, should you take the leap? Consult your Personal Stars – to get a reliable answer and solution, which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Ask a Career QuestionOR get a 3 years Career Report…NOW!

29-03-2015 – 04-04-2015

Travel is on the cards, and will especially benefit businessmen in the initial stages of this week. Some new, meaningful relationship may also develop, which shall work well in broadening your interests. You may benefit financially around Wednesday. However, you should quickly identify good opportunities, and make the most of them. Domestic matters shall need your immediate attention; it could be something serious or just some repairs, or issues with a gadget. With regard to your health, some old, nagging problems may continue to bother you. However, if you stick to your regular medication, things will be fine. Professionals may be under pressure to perform consistently. Though tasks may appear to be challenging, they will become easy it you apply your mind seriously. Start the new financial year on the right note. Plan your investments and wealth strategies, right from the beginning – this time, in tandem with your Personal Stars. Get 100% Personalised, Astrological Investment Advice, which will bring a whole new meaning to your Wealth planning in FY 2015-16 and beyond. Or, ask for your very own, based on your Personal Horoscope, Wealth Report – 1 Year.

05-04-2015 – 11-04-2015

Personal and financial issues will keep you busy. You will need the money to meet your personal expenses, which may also include spending on some pleasure-seeking activities. Physical intimacy is on the cards for those already involved in a romantic relationship. This is also a good time to take your relationship to the next level through marriage, says Ganesha. However, married couples are unlikely to see much change in the current state of affairs. You may, in fact, have to put in special efforts to rekindle lost love. Those running business in partnership may be affected negatively because of a difference of opinion with partners. On the positive side, though, Jupiter will turn direct from Thursday onwards, signalling that a favourable phase lies ahead for, especially for business-people. Life’s not easy! But then, who ever promised it would be? We can help you pave a way to a better personal life, and sorted career and business – whatever leaves you in confusion at the moment – with astute, personlised Astrology guidance. Speak to an Astrologer NOW! Or Ask Us Any Questionto get 100% personalised, concise answers and solutions, basis your Personal Horoscope.

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