Gemini Monthly Horoscope

(22nd May to 21st June)

This Month (Oct 2015)

You will be completely focused on career related matters this month, and thus you are likely to win praises and incentives for your good work. Fortunately, you may be handed over tasks of your choice, and thus, completing them may not at all be an uphill struggle. Your good work may not go unnoticed, in fact, owing to your skills and promptness you may be given an additional responsibility. Ganesha says, this is your chance to prove your mettle; make the most of it. There is a probability that you may be at loggerheads with a colleague but for the sake of peace, it’s better to bury the hatchet.
Rewarding times are in the offing for businessmen. You can now dare to tread a new territory or introduce new products in the market. As the cosmos is in your favour, you will notice steady progress in all your ventures.
You have been toiling for quite some time, so Ganesha advises you to take a break from the hectic routine and enjoy a vacation with loved ones at the very beginning of the month. You will certainly feel rejuvenated and be prepared to face all sorts of challenges. Another thing that is likely to draw your attention this month is the look of your living room, which you will now want to change. As far as marital life is concerned, you may have to keep your ego aside if you wish to maintain harmony in your relationship. Also keep in mind that being possessive can be good but only to a certain extent. Being over possessive can actually ruin a healthy relationship.
Monetary gains at the beginning of the moth may bring a smile on your face. And the smile is likely to broaden as the month progresses, as you may receive a payment for which you had almost lost hope. Moreover, there are chances that you may get a share of your family assets this time around and this will further strengthen your financial condition.
The stars indicate a rather good time for your health. Having said that, Ganesha advises you to not neglect health troubles, if you already have any.
Tip: Speculation oriented activities are best avoided. Do not push your luck, else you may regret your decisions.

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Gemini Overview (May 22 – June 21)

Sanskrit Name : Mithun | Meaning of Name : The Twins | Type : Air-Mutable-Positive | Lord : Mercury :Orange, Lemon, Yellow | Lucky Day : Wednesday | Lucky Number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Gemini is the 3rd Sign of the Zodiac. Lovers of talking, Gemini individuals love to interact with others, and are found to be very sociable people. Also, being intellectually inclined, Gemini-born love to gather as much information as they possibly can, and they will also, without hesitation, share this information with their loved ones, as this gives them much fun. Most Gemini-born are versatile, lively, quick-witted and enthusiastic people, whose company is rarely boring. Gemini-born would choose the career that keeps them busy enough, and one that offers ample opportunities to communicate. Gemini are also skillful and talented, when it comes to work involving their hands and gross motor skills, but they don’t usually prefer repetitive tasks. Thus, the careers, which demand new ideas, plenty of communication and fresh, new approach are ideal for Gemini. Career options for Gemini may typically include: Teaching, Sales, Writing, Presenting or Emceeing, Inventing, Acting, Product Development, Journalism, New casting, Radio Jockeying etc. However, this very need for the new and fresh may make the Gemini-born a tad unreliable and shifty. Geminis are known to have dual personalities or double-minds, which frequently makes them wavering in their desires and choices. Gemini are also discredited for being low on concentration and listening skills. Nonetheless, in their closest relationships, Gemini-born are seen to be loyal and faithful. When in love, Gemini are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. They also take a good care of the needs of their family. At all levels in a marriage, Gemini-born stand for equality, so female Geminis may pursue their careers, even after having children. Geminis also have many friends, and they are alert and watchful to the needs of their friendships.