Dec 2014

Unlike the previous week, this week is the time for getting your act together by clearing all the cobwebs in your mind, and acting objectively and decisively, which shall be rewarding in the future. However, your pace may slow down towards the weekend, when Mercury turns retrograde. Anyway, minor negatives are good at times, as they give you the time to review past actions, and correct old mistakes. For businessmen, it will be a good time for checking inventory and preparing a fresh list of requirements. Travel plans for expanding operations shall be fruitful. This seems a good time for socializing. But it could spell the end of an old friendship, which could leave you a little disturbed. In your personal life, your spouse could be more demanding, and you may have to face a hard time adjusting. To resolve your differences, avail the 100% personalised product Marital Problems, prepared by our esteemed team of astrologers basis your Natal Chart.

Jan 2015

The new year begins on a good note for you, bringing you good luck and neutralising the hard experiences, you may have faced in the last one year. To a great extent, you shall enjoy this mode of recovering and realigning. As the month begins, the ruler of your Sign – Mercury, will change Signs, which indicates that you should carefully examine all aspects before taking an important decision, especially the ones concerning your personal life and finances. However, there is a major likelihood of you relocating or travelling to a new place, in the second half of the month. Or, you may have already done that recently, and may now be settling down. Even if that is the case, in the second half of the month, you may still end up travelling for one or the other reasons. In all probability, businessmen shall get very encouraging results from their business trips. And, rest assured, this month Jupiter will be moving in retrograde mode directly aspecting your House of Fortune. This indicates that good times are indeed very near for you, but they may take some more time in becoming manifest. You may certainly look forward to grabbing better opportunities, which shall facilitate the possibilities helping you augment your income. In love, favourable times are ahead for singles, who may look forward for an exciting time with the one they admire or love. Furthermore, you may also Ask A Love Question for Detailed Advice to get personalised answer and advice, basis your Natal Chart.

Feb 2015

You will work towards your goals energetically, and seeing your dedication, your superiors will give a positive feedback to your boss, who, too, will appreciate your work and give you the due rewards. Around the middle of the month, some upheavals on the domestic front will demand your attention. For some of you, things may worsen to such an extent that you may feel like breaking off, but Ganesha advises you not to take any decision impulsively. The tricky phase will pass, and then you can start reviewing things to take a mature decision. In the latter part of the month, the stars will turn in your favour, and will help you stay out of trouble, but your personal problems may take a little longer to get resolved. However, during this phase you can at least initiate appropriate steps to restore harmony in your personal life. On the financial front there may be some unexpected expenses, but nothing that you can’t control. You shall greatly benefit from checking out the 100% personalised service Remedial Solution for Wealth, because it is prepared as per the details in your Birth Chart by our expert panel of astrologers.

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