Feb 2015

Ganesha predicts that the planets will support you in career-related matters this week. Your seniors shall appreciate your efforts, and you may also receive some concrete rewards. Businessmen shall have a reason to cheer, as most things are likely to go as planned, yielding positive results. However, those engaged in partnership business could run into trouble, as they may find it difficult to reach a consensus with their partners on important matters. Although well-placed financially, you may not be able to save much this week. Unexpected expenses could make things a bit difficult. Thankfully, despite this, you may not face much of a financial constraint as such, feels Ganesha. Your past savings and investments will come in handy in bailing you out of financial trouble, if any. It’s also the time for career appraisals! Are you prepared? What plans you have for your career in the coming times? Clueless? Well, it’s still not too late. Prepare a roadmap for your career with Astrology based, personalised guidance Career Reports that shall be prepared exclusively for you, basis your Personal Horoscope.

Mar 2015

This month, Ganesha predicts that you shall be very sincere towards you work, and fully committed to the company you work for. Your superiors are likely to be impressed and you shall be rewarded with perks or a promotion. But with promotion comes more responsibility; prepare yourself for a rather hectic schedule. Businessmen are likely to experience a rather favourable month. Profitable deals are in the offing and you shall make the best of them. Plan your business trips at the beginning or end of the month; they are most likely to prove beneficial. The period around the middle of the month may be a little drab but you can utilise it to jot down new strategies and promote your business. On the financial front, you may be tempted to make a fast buck, as you may not be satisfied with your current reserves. However, stay away from the lure of short-cuts and quick-buck schemes, or making money through unethical means. If you remain patient, some unexpected money may come in, assures Ganesha. Also, to deal with your financial issues for once and all, plan your wealth map with the help of stars, as they align in your Personal Chart/ Horoscope with 100% personalised Wealth Reports.

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