Mar 2015

With your investments falling short of the returns you may have been expecting, you may feel a bit depressed in the initial part of the week. From Wednesday onwards, though, you shall be back to your usual self, thinking positively about how to make up for the loss. By the weekend, thankfully, you should be able to recover or make up for most of your losses, or will manage to, at least, put things in perspective. This will relieve a lot of your stress, and you will enjoy with your family over the weekend. The planetary positions also suggest that travel is likely. With the Sun placed in the 12th House from your Sign to join Mars and Mercury, already positioned therein, businessmen and professionals may plan outstation trips. With two fiery planets, Sun and Mars, placed in the 12th House from your Sign, be warned that you are likely to get short-tempered. Ganesha advises you to stay cool under all situations! Another financial year is nearing its end! What should be your plan? Will you be able to expand your money pool? What exactly should you do to salvage your dire money situation? Seek help from your Personal Stars! Basis your Birth Details, our Astrologers will create your Personal Horoscope for the next 12 months, which will help them bring you unique answers and solutions. Plan a long term picture with a 5 Year Wealth Report, OR Ask a Wealth Question (Detailed Advice)to get answer to your questions. You may also plan your investments for the next FY with personalised Investment Advice.

Apr 2015

This month looks set to bring a mixed bag of fortunes for you, feels Ganesha. While things will be smooth on the personal front, money matters may cause you a plenty of anxiety, and you will have to really slog it out to meet rapidly rising expenses. In spite of controlling unnecessary expenditure, you will be unable to save money. To add to your woes, some unsatisfactory returns on your investments made earlier may spoil your mood, in the latter half of the month. Spend time with friends to rejuvenate yourself, and also to get valuable guidance on how to come out of your financial troubles. Remember that these are generalised predictions. For personal assistance and remedies for your financial woes, seek personalised Astrology service – Wealth Ask 3 Questions, answers to which shall be prepared by our Astrologers, basis your Birth Chart. If you are into a proprietary business, now is the right time to implement your well calculated plans. On the professional front, refrain from taking hasty decisions, as this will only hamper the progress of your organisation. Travel is on the cards, and will prove to be fruitful. This is a favourable month for love, so you may safely take it to the next level, hints Ganesha.