Gemini Monthly Horoscope

(22nd May to 21st June)

This Month (Nov 2015)

As the month begins, your important traits are likely to come to the fore. Energetic and imaginative, you may restructure and redecorate your home to make it more comfortable and attractive. Your main aim here is to make your family feel happy and content. Rest assured, you succeed in doing so!

You may even organise a small get-together for your friends and relatives. This will give you a chance to mingle with them, which otherwise is far from possible, due to your hectic schedule. The reunion, in particular, is due to Moon posited in the 11th House in opposition to Venus and Mars posited in the 5th House.

However, with combusted Saturn and Sun posited in the 7th House, related to life partner, all does not appear rosy in marital life. You may remain disturbed due to differences with your partner. Also, your children’s poor academic progress may give you a reason to worry. Ganesha indicates the phase during the later part of the month, to be good for resolving issues.

Saturn and Mercury, in conjunction are likely to help you handle tricky issues diplomatically and tactfully.

Professionals too, are likely to go through testing times, during this month. Piled up work and limited time – it’s definitely a challenging task. Also, some constraints or limitations are likely to hold you back. As a result, your under performance may disappoint and annoy your superiors at work. You may even think of changing your job. However, the planetary combinations, at this juncture, do not support change.

Business persons too, may not have it easy as delay in delivering goods may prove harmful for their business. Plan a short-term travel and explore a new territory to achieve good name and reputation in the market. Those in the partnership business are likely to face a tough time convincing their partner about new growth plans.

Financially, the month has nothing great to offer. Opting for a home makeover and indulging in luxurious and pleasure-seeking activities will increase your expenses. Favourable planetary position may prompt you to reshuffle your investment for higher returns.

On the health front, those suffering from cardiac problems, hypertension, arthritis and joint problems need to be extra cautious during this month. Take proper medications to avoid deteriorating your health in future.

Tip: Disturbances in domestic matters need to be handled patiently and carefully. Avoid being impulsive or reactive in your approach.

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Gemini Overview (May 22 – June 21)

Sanskrit Name : Mithun | Meaning of Name : The Twins | Type : Air-Mutable-Positive | Lord : Mercury :Orange, Lemon, Yellow | Lucky Day : Wednesday | Lucky Number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Gemini is the 3rd Sign of the Zodiac. Lovers of talking, Gemini individuals love to interact with others, and are found to be very sociable people. Also, being intellectually inclined, Gemini-born love to gather as much information as they possibly can, and they will also, without hesitation, share this information with their loved ones, as this gives them much fun. Most Gemini-born are versatile, lively, quick-witted and enthusiastic people, whose company is rarely boring. Gemini-born would choose the career that keeps them busy enough, and one that offers ample opportunities to communicate. Gemini are also skillful and talented, when it comes to work involving their hands and gross motor skills, but they don’t usually prefer repetitive tasks. Thus, the careers, which demand new ideas, plenty of communication and fresh, new approach are ideal for Gemini. Career options for Gemini may typically include: Teaching, Sales, Writing, Presenting or Emceeing, Inventing, Acting, Product Development, Journalism, New casting, Radio Jockeying etc. However, this very need for the new and fresh may make the Gemini-born a tad unreliable and shifty. Geminis are known to have dual personalities or double-minds, which frequently makes them wavering in their desires and choices. Gemini are also discredited for being low on concentration and listening skills. Nonetheless, in their closest relationships, Gemini-born are seen to be loyal and faithful. When in love, Gemini are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. They also take a good care of the needs of their family. At all levels in a marriage, Gemini-born stand for equality, so female Geminis may pursue their careers, even after having children. Geminis also have many friends, and they are alert and watchful to the needs of their friendships.