This Month (May 2015)

The dark clouds hovering over you in the initial stages of the month will begin to clear off, post the first week, assures Ganesha. So, keep up your spirits! Usually performance-oriented and too impatient for results, you are likely to experience some constraints, during the first week of the month. Hence you may avail our service – Talk to an Astrologer – NOW to get 100% customised solutions for your problems. But, don’t blame yourself, as the challenges are mostly due to Saturn, which is now posited in an Opposition aspect to your Sign. This may be compensated, particularly during the 2nd week of this month, when the positive influence of Jupiter shall help you overcome the negativities. The presence of Mercury in your Sign too will keep you energised, encouraging you to work with renewed vigour. Let your get-up-and-go attitude do the talking. At work, your superiors and subordinates are likely to praise your dedication and performance, as much as your ebullient initiative. For businessmen, the month appears good generally, except some concern, due to dip in the sales. Introduce some innovative marketing ideas to increase your turnover.

Gemini Overview (May 22 – June 21)

Sanskrit Name : Mithun | Meaning of Name : The Twins | Type : Air-Mutable-Positive | Lord : Mercury :Orange, Lemon, Yellow | Lucky Day : Wednesday | Lucky Number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Gemini is the 3rd Sign of the Zodiac. Lovers of talking, Gemini individuals love to interact with others, and are found to be very sociable people. Also, being intellectually inclined, Gemini-born love to gather as much information as they possibly can, and they will also, without hesitation, share this information with their loved ones, as this gives them much fun. Most Gemini-born are versatile, lively, quick-witted and enthusiastic people, whose company is rarely boring. Gemini-born would choose the career that keeps them busy enough, and one that offers ample opportunities to communicate. Gemini are also skillful and talented, when it comes to work involving their hands and gross motor skills, but they don’t usually prefer repetitive tasks. Thus, the careers, which demand new ideas, plenty of communication and fresh, new approach are ideal for Gemini. Career options for Gemini may typically include: Teaching, Sales, Writing, Presenting or Emceeing, Inventing, Acting, Product Development, Journalism, New casting, Radio Jockeying etc. However, this very need for the new and fresh may make the Gemini-born a tad unreliable and shifty. Geminis are known to have dual personalities or double-minds, which frequently makes them wavering in their desires and choices. Gemini are also discredited for being low on concentration and listening skills. Nonetheless, in their closest relationships, Gemini-born are seen to be loyal and faithful. When in love, Gemini are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. They also take a good care of the needs of their family. At all levels in a marriage, Gemini-born stand for equality, so female Geminis may pursue their careers, even after having children. Geminis also have many friends, and they are alert and watchful to the needs of their friendships.

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