Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

(22nd December to 20th January)

This Week (28-06-2015 – 04-07-2015)

You will begin this week with Monday blues, which is likely to affect your ability to remain focused. This, in turn, may affect your overall performance for the day. Moreover, some negative vibes ruling your mind may not allow you to see things in the right perspective. As such, Capricorns are not very optimistic by nature and tend to be very cynical in a given situation. And to make matters worse, you may be feeling puzzled and emotional, under the influence of the Full Moon, that will shine on the skyline around Wednesday. With this, you may feel a strong urge to be recognized and assert your position. Incidentally, there is a possibility that you may get injured unexpectedly, and may even be bed-ridden for a couple of days. On the health front, problems related to respiratory system will need to be attended urgently. Around weekend, some unexpected expenses related to family may dent your savings. You may also have to borrow money temporarily from a friend. The month is drawing to a close, and it’s time to review your month’s work. Are you unhappy with the way things have been shaping up in your career realm? Is change on the anvil? But, is it the right time to embrace a career change? Consult your Personal Horoscope for a clear cut, reliable answer. Ask a Career Question for Detailed advice.

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