18-01-2015 – 24-01-2015

With the new Moon rising on the horizon and the Sun entering the experimental Aquarius, you shall enter a dramatic new phase in life, predicts Ganesha. You will abandon negativities, and surge ahead with optimism. You shall get many new opportunities. On Wednesday and Thursday your luck will peak. Businessmen can look forward to good times, especially if you are expanding operations. The outcome will encourage you to do better. Freelancers are also likely to bag profitable deals and hence will improve their financial position. With the ruler of your Sign in the 12th House from your Sign, minor health problems could bother you. Getting worried over trivial issues can result in mental stress, which, in turn, can affect your health adversely. Singles looking for the right time to propose need to wait patiently for a more opportune time. More importantly, you need to find out whether you are made for each other or not, which you can do by availing the thoroughly personalised product Soul mates or Not?, prepared by our astute astrologers basis your Natal Chart details.

25-01-2015 – 31-01-2015

Now that Venus enters Pisces in the 3rd House from your Sign, you may expect a very favourable week ahead, foretells Ganesha. You shall experience thrilling events in your professional and romantic spheres. Another good thing is that you will taste success in your career, which shall give you the confidence to put forward your views in front of your bosses without hesitation. They will be thoroughly impressed with your performance. Businessmen are also likely to receive a good response from your clients based outside the state. But traders will need to categorize your inventory properly to avoid stocking unwanted goods. It’s a good week for romance. Married life too shall be quite enjoyable. Though you may encounter some problems at home, since you are practical by nature, you will manage to sail through successfully. And, if you do have difficulty resolving the issues, you might like to try the 100% personalised product Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, based on the details in your horoscope.

01-02-2015 – 07-02-2015

You may experience some stress on the domestic front, owing to some disagreements with your spouse this week, foretells Ganesha. However, the full Moon shall have a sobering effect on you. You will tend to look inwards, and become more accommodative. At your workplace, your seniors shall be, happily, in an amicable mood, not pressurizing you unnecessarily. However, owing to the absence of a senior team member, you may now need to shoulder more responsibilities, especially around the weekend. Don’t say no, as this will actually be a good opportunity, which will help you get a taste of an authoritative role. For businessmen, this would be a routine week. Health issues, especially digestive system issues, may bother you, and for a part of the week your routine may go for a toss. The second month of the year 2015 has begun! Will you be able to execute your plans in 2015? Well, if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ – do not wait anymore! Seize Your Future in 2015 – with Detailed, Quarter-wise predictions, which will be generated by an expert Astrologer, basis your unique Personal Horoscope.

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